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Many do not know that The Lord's Prayer reveals the true name of god.

"Our father who Art in heaven, Howard be thy name." No need to go any further. Arthur Howard is the true name of god. It's in the Bible.

DenoPenno 9 Jan 4

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I use the most popular name in the Bible, Yahweh.
Butt, the christains often get upset with me, when I use Yahweh and call me an atheist.

So, he may as well, be called Authur Howard.


Jesus Christ! I think you nailed it!


With that bit of info, we get to know that he is just an angel, too. Or maybe a group of angels (sub-species?). I assume that the song by my niece "Hark now Howard the angel sings" is accurate.


I thought it was 'hollowed' by thine name???

Our god, who is not a heathen, hollowed by thine name. 😉


I thought it was
Our father who art in Devon, Howard be thy name
Best read in a west country accent of course.


Howard was my father's name. No wonder.


Thanks. I have always thought it read, "Addled by thy name."


And you've got jokes!


I thought god was a tree. As in hail Mary full of grapes, the lord is a tree.


God is the original one who should not be named. So I guess we could just call him Voldemort 😉


I disagree. It's obviously "our father who art Ian Heaven". I guess we will have to start a war about this.




I feel so much better knowing that. Thank you.


That's like one of Dave Allen's standard jokes -- 'In the name of the father, the son, and into the hole he goes'.

At ~5:15 of the video.


So he actually came a second time as an English stage, film and television actor, Arthur Howard (1910 – 1995) !

So he did come back. Damn -- I missed it. My fault.😎

Ha, ha -- my Kindle's autocorrect converted 'Damn' to 'Dang'. I'm glad they saved me from myself. Lol. 😎


If English was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me.😎

This reminds me of the people that say that Moses parted the 'reed' sea. 'Red' sea was just misreading the text. Lol.😎

It only makes sense that blonde-blue-eyed Jesus would speak English. Nobody seemed to be able to directly document anything he said. It all had to be far beyond second hand.


This reminds me of the child who thought the words to the Christmas song were "Hark, Harold the Angel Sings."

I remember listening to the adults sing "When The Roll is Called Up Yonder" and not being able to figure out what a dinner roll had to do with heaven.

And you've just reminded me of the child who told his mom they'd learned to sing about a bear named "Gladly." As in "Gladly, the cross I'd bear." (Maybe you have to be Southern to remember that one?)


And I've been getting it wrong all these years...

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