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While thinking about what attracts me to other people, I realized that people like us because we give them hope, relieve boredom, or make them feel like their lives are worth living that moment.

Our energy and seeming ease in living our lives is what attracts people, who often want learn how to make life more bearable.

birdingnut 8 Mar 28

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Points to ponder....and accurate, from my point of view.


Sense of humor, kindness towards others/willing to help a neighbor, respect for everyone and smiles are attractive to me as potential friends - someone I would like to know.


I feel safe. Unjudged. Like people here understand my crazy, and embrace it even, and they make me feel valued. I feel comfortable. I love that we can be ourselves, not just an online persona or our public best behavior self but we can get to the deep gooey roadburned center of ourselves here and find support. I love that about here. On facebook I have to be careful not to show just how crazy I am. I have to make sure I'm not being too negative today, lest my mother call and demand I get back into therapy again. I don't have to worry here. This site is like coming home to your quiet apartment, throwing off the bra and pants and diving into a bucket of ice cream and watching your guilty pleasure movie after a particularly hectic day. I love it.

I believe you wrote the site's next ad campaign. Not much tops nude ice cream bathing.

@CallMeDave you're telling me. It's the breast I Mean best

Be yourself. and then don't other tell you what to do We are different and unique

In an insane world the sane person looks insane. The older I get the more convinced I am there is a fair amount of truth to that, when applied to humanity.


I think you are on to something...I find that to be true as well!

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