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What's the biggest benefit to dating you?

Redcupcoffee 7 Mar 28

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What you see is what you get. Nothing fake. Sometimes too honest and I need to keep my mouth shut. If I don't like something done to me , I will not do it to you. Loyal to a fault.


I am aware that we are two completely different people and I will accept you for who you are and not try to change you.

Very nice! That's what I had hoped for when I was married.


I'm too lazy to cheat. Sometimes I'm funny. I cook yummy food sometimes. I will be a good cheerleader for you. I'll kick your butt at GPS games


I use you as a tester for my new recipes..

hahaha...good job! You have the food, they bring the wine!


My 55 year old prostate and failing joints.


I got a head full of useless trivia and I don't drink (high days and holidays only) So entertaining and cheap 🙂

And of course my stunning personaility and razor sharp wit 🙂


The biggest benefit to any woman dating me is that she can eventually break up with me.



I have a really, really big...


Har har har, I actually do have a really, really big TV. Another perk of dating me.


I offer a 401K plan

jeffy Level 7 Mar 28, 2018



My passion.


I'm fun! What more could you want from a date?

And you can climb rock walls, which probably comes in handy in certain emergency situations. ?

@resserts I really hope that's a skill I never really need!


I'm the most modest, humble guy I know. Just ask. people will tell you


To answer this question, a story is required.

I'm in a poly relationship. We are at our friends' prenuptial celebration & adult libations are flowing & I, for once, had drank freely & was feeling my liquor when i walked over to my boyfriend who was talking to a guy i didn't know. Bill introduces us & Guy says: "so this is your girlfriend"
Bill "yes"
Guy: "& thats your wife." Pointing across room.
Bill "yup"
Guy: " so i know what she does (pointing at wife) but (& in a snarky voice, points at me) what does she do?"
Me; (before Bill could answer) "I cook like a 3 star Michelin chef & fuck like a porn star. What do you do?"

Bill lost his shit laughing, Guy was struck speechless, wife thought it was hysterical & i remembered why I stopped drinking.

So, biggest benefit of dating me....I have a twisted sense of humor, I'm a damn fine cook & I guess i do fuck like a porn star....just with a lot of discernment & discretion of partners.

Live your life the best way you see fit and forget about all the people who doubt you and your happiness.

You rock. That is all.


I'll get the check on the first date, no questions asked. LOL! (no seriously). I'm a gentleman and will make you feel protected. Been told I'm a good kisser. Not going deeper than that to answer this one.


I am open and honest. Have an open mind and love long broad conversations.

Ldox Level 4 Mar 28, 2018

Free tattoos ;P

@Redcupcoffee I have a tattoo studio. Yes I give them lol


I am honest. People pretty much always can coutn on me to be honest.


You'll never have to worry about your reputation anymore

Okay, that got a chuckle out of me. 😉


I'm loyal. I would never cheat on you.
I'm trusting almost to a fault, but if you abuse that trust it's over.


I can fix or build just about anything.

Underrated skills in a mate!

@carcmcgarc sigh...


Judging from my ex's responses not many



I express love by being generous. Mostly of time and my effort, but also with what I can provide

miffy Level 5 Mar 28, 2018

Not a thing.


I won't talk about the sex, because all of the ladies are too far away to prove any claims. (me being cheeky). I am a big ugly brute, kids and animals love me because they know they are safe around me. You would assume the opposite but it seems to go, hey, this guy is scary, but he is on my side.
I am the shelter, the calm port in a storm, my world is quiet, safe, free of angst and stress. Not very romantic i know, but that is about it. The fun side is that I can help people see the world more clearly. My world really is alive, most don't see it,


That I'm easy going. As long as things aren't one-sided. I'm also a big fan of sex.

I'll join that fan club.

Who isn't am am I right? LoL don't feel bad about it either do what makes you happy.


I can't come up with anything........Nope, l got nothin.

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