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What is the most sacreligious thing you have ever done?

For me it was when my adopted father died. He was Catholic and when he passed my mother told me he would be in a seperate viewing room with an open casket. I did not want to see him dead so she reassured me thst I would not have to. I walked in the church and about tripped over him right in side. I practically yelled "Jesus Christ!" And turned around and went back outside to get over the shock!

Yes I dropped the J.C. in a Catholic Church!

I did return for the service where the priest said nothing about him and survived without any lightning strikes!

DavidLaDeau 8 Jan 29

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Sacrilegious is often used in reference to religion, or to religious things, so it is easy to see why people might be confused by its spelling. However, sacrilegious and religious are not from the same roots.

Here's another word for you. Pedantic: overly concerned with minute details or formalisms, especially in teaching

Thank you for them info! I will leave it be so that others may learn from my mistake.

@DavidLaDeau Haha, I was curious and just decided to google it, so I think we could all learn something! 😊

@tinkercreek Autocorrect is Satan! In this case I did not know any better!

@tinkercreek, @Cyklone I actually am guilty. I like to get things right when possible.


Bacon on a bagel - You cannot get more sacrilegious than that


I told the local pastor that I thought there was very little difference between him and a drug dealer, that they both peddle false dreams, delusions and lies.



There is no such thing as sacrilegious.

Close, but all in context πŸ™‚


wanked in the choir practice room during the Sunday service while it played over a speaker in the room.

That is the best so far! Or is that the worse?

Wait - which sounds were playing over the speaker?


Stuff like this. "Sacreligious" jokes. No more offensive than Monty Python, really.


Over the years as I got away from church I found that I was swearing like a sailor. (No offense to any sailors. It's just a remark.) Of course, I don't do this in public. It's a private thing. My younger daughter is just like me and I was not always around as she was growing up. Do you think swearing is genetic?

When my daughter and I moved to the Oregon coast we stopped cursing as it was not common. As soon as we #&*=Γ·> got home to Colorado we f#%$<Γ·_g cursed like there was no tomorrow!

Not genetic, no.
I have, however, seen a study that concluded that intelligent people swear more. Although, I have to admit I think that "study" was bullshit. LOL


Back when I was young and forced to go to Church, I used to sit in sanctuary during Sunday services, look around, and fantasize about engaging in coitus with the pretty girls. I don’t know if this next anecdote counts as β€œin Church,” but one day I was cutting class and wandered the grounds of Mount Saint Vincent in the Bronx with fellow delinquents. Upon coming to a statue of the Virgin Mary surrounded by gates, we observed there were people who, I guess prayed at the statue, and threw in coins as an offering I suspect. My friends and I reached our arms under the fencing and helped ourselves to all the coins we could reach. 😈

I like it!
As soon as I figured out that all I had to do was bring home a program from that Sunday's mass, to prove my sister and I had been, that was it.
She and I always hitched a ride with neighbors (because my mother and her husband didn't go to mass, but made us do it), and once they parked the car, we'd follow them in, I'd grab a program and we'd leave.
We'd then go across the street to Dunkin' Donuts and use the cash for the offering to have breakfast.
Never got caught either.
I suppose some folks might consider that sacrilegious.
I considered myself pretty damned clever.

@KKGator I hope the doughnuuts were good!

@DavidLaDeau Hell yeah! It was Dunkin'!!!


I’m a terrible blasphemer. Especially if I’m angry, hurt(like stubbing a toe, etc), or having an orgasm. β€˜Jesus motherfucking Christ’ and β€˜god fucking dammit’ are my faves: I need lots of syllables. 😁


I went to a midnight mass one Christmas when I was a teenager. Many people went there straight from the pubs which closed at 11.30pm so I was one among many drunks. But I took it a step further by lighting up a cigarette in the middle of the ceremony. I was very brave when i was drunk and told anyone who wanted me to put it out to fuck off. I was very angry at the Catholic Church those days.

As Red says in Shawshank Redemption 'That kid's long gone, and this old man is all that's left'.



Given that I don't believe anything is sacred, I have to go with nothing.
If it's what others might think of as sacrilegious, I've got a list.


Stupid question: what is sacrilegious in yelling jesus christ in a catholic church?

Dropping the J.C. is considered to be using the Lord name in vain. Very bad stuff in the Christian department. Much worse in the Catholic prospective.

@DavidLaDeau catholics say novenas in catholic churchs all the time, many novenas repeat the name jesus christ all tbe time inside churches, I was a catholic and know for a fact that crying, yelling or shouting the name jesus christ inside a church is not even frowned upon much less sound strange or out of place and doesn't qualify as a sin against tbe 3rd commandment. In fact, I went to catechism school too and I remember that only if you dishonor gods name, or use it in a profane manner or in a manner not consistentbwith dogma is the 3rd commandment considered to have been violated.


This doesn't qualify as sacrilegious per se. And I was only indirectly involved. But long ago I had a roommate and separately a friend who were both LDS . The roommate's girlfriend would spend nights in his bedroom but the rule was they would always keep one foot on the floor. Lol. (I never pressed for an explanation.)

They would go to Wed. night dances at the local church.
One time a couple of girls we knew were curious and wanted to see it and to find out what Mormon girls were like. They practiced for days to be able to talk without accidentally shocking the sensibilities of the poor pristine Mormon girls.

Everything was fine (but understandably slow) until they went to the girls' room for a break. They came back red-faced. They couldn't believe how dirty the religious girls talked when guys weren't listening. It was a huge eye-opening experience for both of them. 😎

I figure people, especially kids, are pretty much the same everywhere. The problems mostly come up when people try to apply their own expectations on others.

My friends had sex in church. Guess they wanted to do it in their fathers house!

@DavidLaDeau I’ve had sex in the backyard of the parsonage. Who would think to look there? Everybody was in the church.

@CarolinaGirl60 Now in many churches you could do it in the Sanctuary on Sunday! Who would think to go there?

@DavidLaDeau The Baptist church I was dragged to was too well lighted. Though there was an anteroom that locked just outside it!


My Aunt , Uncle and cousins were Catholic . Their normal curse was , Mary , Jesus , Joseph , and Christ .


One day, when I was in first grade, my mother forgot that it was Friday, and she sent my brother and I to school with bologna sandwiches for lunch. So, I ate meat on Friday, at a time when Catholics weren't allowed to do so. Honestly, I didn't lose a wink of sleep over it.

Bologna is the new fish!


I have no idea because I have never been religious. I guess my existence will suffice.


I wore tennis shoes.shorts and t shirt to church on a sunday.

Note: in the black culture that's unheard of.

No suit and tie? How dare you! I think that might count.


I told a relative to go to hell......I was 7.

Your okay, I don't think they made the trip.

@DavidLaDeau I heard the term, & wanted to try it out.

@OldMetalHead Good one!

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