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Air Force One does an illegal 800 foot fly over of the Daytona race track!

trump is truly the Dictator that were warn of!!!

We have reached the point of no return!!!

of-the-mountain 8 Feb 16

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From what I read they first posted a 2004 Bush image then when they were called on it had to pull that and post a more current tRump picture. Note the much smaller crowd size in the tRump shot. Lol.
That detail means nothing of course -- except that the White House these days is relentlessly dishonest and profoundly incompetent. 😓

Fat Donny still believes he is performing in a reality TV show.

@RussRAB .
I also think that 'relentless' is the right word.
He never, ever, forgoes any opportunity to belittle an opponent or grift a penny. And eventually people get numb.

What would have been outrageous in the past is taken as just tRump being tRump -- nothing to see here. I'm seriously afraid the bar has been lowered so far that we will never recover.


Yeah, I doubt many of those NASCAR spectators use a gold toilet like the orange one.


They were making stuff up for the press, as usual. Thats a flyover of Daytona from 2004 with Bush onboard.




@JohnnyQB My story. Yeah, it was referring the the White House's fake photo they just pulled. I'd not watched the video, assuming it was about that lie. Hard to keep up these days.


OMG! did you read the comments under the video?

Yeah, they didn't just DRINK the koolaid, hey gave themselves an enema with it.

@AgnoLulu LMAO!!!!!!!!!


It's a damned shame it didn't crash with 45 onboard.

If that happened, I would feel really bad.... about the pilot 🙂

@TheoryNumber3 Yeah. Collateral damage can be unfortunate.

I think a few of the NASCAR Drivers should have ganged up on his limo and put his fat, bloated, orange ass INTO THE FUCKING WALL...

@phoenixone1 I don't think they would have fared to well.

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