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I told my religious friend about my post on Noah's Ark. He explained how dumb this would be to try and find it "because it would be dust today and rotted away." Such a remark is how the religious trick themselves into continuing to believe. I honestly think some of them believe in a large drain stopper hidden in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Now the real bible lesson begins. Jesus (if he existed) was a Jew and he believed in law and the traditions of the beginning according to Genesis. This brings us back to the time of Noah and the Ark when the almighty god decided to destroy mankind because they were so sinful. He would destroy them by water. It is generally believed that this was because of sexual sin but no examples are given. God in his wisdom decided with Adam and Eve that he would populate the earth through incest. Well, that's what Evangelical people believe so how were the original sins sexual? Please explain.

From the above Ark and flood story we have 8 people ending up on Mount Ararat as the only survivors of a world wide flood and god will start anew with them in re-populating the earth. Once again this will have to be done through incest. Not only did the almighty and all knowing god have plans of populating earth through incest once. He decided to do it twice! God must like incest.

How could anyone ever believe these stories?

DenoPenno 9 Feb 19

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They are social/cultural beliefs, and as such are pretty strongly resistant to change. And found in all stripes of people. Millions of people are convinced glyphosate causes cancer for example, despite the overwhelming evidence that it can't and doesn't. Social belief.


They were told to?

twill Level 7 Feb 19, 2020

Yes, we were all told to believe it but nobody questioned it. Only today do I look at this and see it is total nonsense straight out of 3000 years ago from nomadic shepherds. Take away the indoctrination behind the story and anyone can instantly see through it.

With that said, some of the "wiser" Evangelicals still claim that sexual sin is behind the fall of man and even enters into play in the Garden of Eden. They seem to be forgetting that incest is a sexual sin and god used it to populate the earth not once, but twice. How dumb can you get?

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