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Living in the Bible belt it has to be refreshing to hear some thoughtfull disscussion on all matters. I have had people question that I am even loyal to America, do not respect our flag, have no morals. I served 4 years in the military. My ex-girlfried told me these were some of the things she was asked about me. Untill they found out that I was not religous they were real freinds. Now barely speak. Not all. If I needed a reason not to be religous, it would be not to be like them. ho18

ho18wf 3 Mar 30

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0 in the bible belt, of you don't have the good lord at the top of every list, not only are you lost, you are embed to an eternal firey Hell. I've lost almost ALL my friends, so the 2 or 3 I have left, I just kind of nod and smile... And tell myself..its water under the bridge. I just hate it when they keep trying to get you to agree at the end of their sentence...over n over.. Like they're gonna save ya by getting you to repeat what they say.. I don't ever,get to talk about things I find how full of ourselves are we to think we are the ONLY beings out of ALL the possible multiverses to have intelligence or feelings!?! ?


There not your friends, you couldn't help where you were born any more than I can and I like to make my own decisions.


I've had this conversation before living in oklahoma. The thought that an atheist can't be patriotic is very annoying. They try to link relgion with nationalism. I don't really subscribe to either field personally but that's just because I see no reason to think my piece of dirt is better than your piece of dirt just because I was born here.


first america has to command respect then perhaps we'll give it


Believe it or not, the fact that you have chosen not to believe is threatening to "true believers". They don't want anyone to even consider that option. If they could be, they would be religious despots.


Having special family members reject me because of my beliefs, was once very hurtful! I am only disappointed now...I can live with that!


Welcome to this forum, it is a good place to be connected with, because at least, no one will shame you for believing what you believe! At least I have not observed that here! You might be challeged on some issue, as I have not observed any clones here, either! So put your ideas out here and see where they go?


Perhaps you might want to consider living somewhere else.


In the end it is better to know who are true friends. I had friends that when they found out my signifcant other was black stopping speaking to me.
It is very odd to me when those Christians think we are less patriotic, morally adrift and lack respect for the flag and religion.
Shunning non-religious people won't make us go away. LOL

All that only serves to show how small-minded those people are. I detest that mentality and consider them unworthy of my time.


The area where I live is sort of a mini bible belt. I can relate. Persevere! You'll find friends here.


That's the South for ya! The believers like to conflate their religious delusions with patriotism and nationalism.
Thank you for your service. Don't let the assholes get you down.


Many Bible Belters here. Might be a group. Look around and welcome.


Friends only if it suits them are not friends to have in the first place

Rosh Level 7 Mar 30, 2018

Exactly. Better off without them

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