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I don't understand all the hate when it comes to my Marxist philosophy.
You'd think I was a communist or something.

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People hate Marx because he understood capitalism. Imagine many years ago you are reading his newly released book Capital and its description of worker alienation. Now, teleport yourself to today. If you work for a corporation of any size, you've almost certainly been exposed to "employee engagement" programs. This is but one of many examples.


Pick one.


Both Marx and Lennon were key figures in philosophy, wouldn't you agree?


Saw "Horse Feathers" at the Bowman stage theater in Ashland. It was hilarious! Go see it if get the chance.


Those guys were wild and crazy


It all depends on where you are on the Marx spectrum. Far right is Zeppo is a Drumpster, Chico is a Berniecrat..

They must be 110 years old ????

@Larry68Feminist more like 140..easily..🤣


Love me some Groucho.

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