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Dear Bernie supporters, if Bernie does not get the nomination please please please put all your energy and available money into Senate races.

Regardless of who is president if the Republicans continue to control the Senate we are thoroughly screwed.

Lorajay 9 Mar 4

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We must win the House, Senate and presidency to maintain any control of our destiny. What I am reading here is nothing more than an old (2016) conspiracy theory that won't die an honorable death.

So far, the people have spoken - voted - and Sanders’ “tale of the tape” has taken a hit. Biden is not our best choice, but I have my doubts about Bernie’s ability to beat The Orange King.

Many of you still have primaries in which many of you will vote; but not all. Even Bernie complained that the youth vote did not come out as strongly as he expected. Stop complaining and start acting to advance your candidate.

If you want to start a new political party, the Democratic Socialists, then do it. Take in AOC and other true progressives. Have Bernie take a stand under the umbrella that most suits his politics.

But the goal for November 2020 is to beat the Republicans in the House, Senate and presidency. It is not to hide behind an illusion of what you want, but work with what you have been given. It is not to vote a third party who has no chance of winning, but to vote for the party who shares many of your beliefs. It is not getting the support in the voting booth from those you believe committed to your candidate, it is working harder in the fields to get out the vote.

Yes, Super Tuesday was a disappointment, but blame yourselves for not getting out the majority vote in favor of your preferred candidate.


I hope they will also consider voting against Trump.


Exactly! I think, well no, obviously they’re trying to railroad him and us AGAIN!!! They all took money from big banks, pharma and the like; they know his policies would screw them and they’re beholden to their donors. I hate to be negative and I’m still going to make phones calls, donate, wear my Bernie buttons but I’m afraid we’re going to get fucked and look what happened the last time. We told ‘em “Bernie or Bust” they didn’t think we meant it and they didn’t care about us the people, just their pocketbooks and look what we got!

This is not about Bernie and Biden. This is about the power of the Senate. We desperately need it to be in different hands and the only way for that to happen is to take some Republican seats and ditch Mcconnell. Millennials need to realize that even if we elect Bernie, if the republicans still control the Senate we are still screwed. If trump is re elected, the senate could save us from more of his garbage being enacted. Please think about how our government works. Trump has literally no checks or balances now. The Senate is the key.

I think that last time they, the party leaders and establishment, knew that we " meant it", they just didn't care. And they still don't care, if we stay home or vote third party. All they care about is maintaining their privileges and favors between themselves and lobbyists and rich donors. So what they care about is stopping Bernie. Threatening them about the general election is useless because the ugly truth is they are fine with Trump if it means keeping Bernie out of power where he could end their corruption and privilege.

@TomMcGiverin exactly!!! So what do we do? They’re screwing us on voting... what other power do we The People have? I feel like it’s just worthless to try anymore.

@TattedIrishXx The only power we have left would be to get out in the streets like the Europeans with their yellow vests and raise hell, but even then it would take more than that in America and most Americans are not revolutionary-minded like that. Our leaders would just ignore mass protests like they already do when it's against war. In America it would take a mass movement with tens of millions hitting the streets coupled with general strikes and mass non-cooperation with corporate America. Anything less would not be powerful enough and I don't see enough Americans up for that, esp. when most of them are too saddled with debt to take the risk or have the time to get involved.


Excellent idea

Except which idea?

@RoboGraham oopsy.. The spell checker strikes again! I meant excellent..


I hate that.


Just fucking vote. Whine, bitch, moan, complain, stamp your feet, scream into the wind, kick kittens, whatever it takes.

Just fucking vote. And vote down ballot, too. Get the Senate out of Mitch "Yes I'm a turtle so I take great pleasure in ruining your life" McConnell's hands. The fuckface.

1of5 Level 8 Mar 5, 2020

The establishment should put this comment into a campaign add.

Just fucking kick a kitten and vote for our shitty nominee. Very inspiring stuff.

@RoboGraham The establishment should put this comment into a campaign add.

Yes, they should. Its in Bernie platform, btw. Isn't he the canidate who's going to inspire all those people who don't vote to go to the polls? How'd that work out?

@Athena I know, they whine on and on about how no ones perfect enough to deserve thier vote, like thier vote is as precious as the virginity of a baby. There's a reason the right to vote us called sugfferage. Its not just a right, it's an obligation. Sometimes the proccess gives you someone you want to vote for, sometimes who you'd like to vote for dropped out a long time ago and all you can do is pick who you can't stand the least.

It sucks, doesn't give us what we want a good portion of the time, and is frustrating as hell. But you know what? You can actually do something. You can even run for office - and i have to wonder why we don't see more democratic socialists on local ballots?


It's pretty challenging to get people who typically don't vote to turn up for a primary. The idea is that they will show up for the general if a populist is on the ballot.

@RoboGraham Then please, how is Bernie supposed to win the general if he can't turn out the vote in the primaries? All I hear (not all, granted, but a whole lot of it) is that Bernie energizes people to get active and vote.

This is easily measurable, and in fact we are doing it right now. That is, in fact, why you guys are so pissed off right now - it isn't meeting your expectations. Welcome to politics.


The only way to win the Senate is to run a popular nominee who will inspire high turnout.

No, it's to fucking vote. So do it.


Most people show up because they want to vote for president and they vote for down ballot races while they're at it. If someone they are excited about isn't running, they are less likely to show up.

If it's Biden, I'll still show up to vote for the down ballot contestants but most people won't bother.

@RoboGraham yeah, they don't fucking vote in non presidential elections. You know who does? Republicans.

I know, thier precious widdle canidate isn't on the ballot so thier going to punish everyone who doesn't believe like they do. Fucking wankers.


When there is no candidate on the ballot that is likeable, people aren't likely to show up. That's the way it is.

There are two options in dealing with this reality.

  1. Run a candidate who people will vote for with enthusiasm.

  2. Shame and blame the non-voters for the unpopular candidate's loss.

I'll leave you to decide which is more effective.

@RoboGraham That's the way it is.
Tough shit on both sides. Its a virtual impossibility to have a canidate that everyone likes. Thats how people are, it's called reality.

See that's the problem. If the voters vote with enthusiasm and thier guy doesn't win they lose thier enthusiasm to vote again. To much emotional investment. A lose or 2 and you got jack shit for turnout.

Voting is as much an obligation as a right. Its not supposed to be fun, or exciting. Its a job. Its ugly, often unfair to an individual (or group, which is why we have a judiciary and constitution), divisive, contentious, and the only voice we have.

I will deride anyone who complains about politics but chooses not to vote. I will shame them, call them names and curse thier memories. Thats how importaint I think voting is. Typically I don't even care who one votes for because it is thier choice, not mine. I respect someone who voted for Trump much more than I respect someone who didn't vote because thier dream canidate isn't on the ballot.

I'll leave it to you to surmise how much I respect Trumps fucking moronic voters.


Tough shit on both sides but it seems to always be the progressives who are expected to vote for a candidate they didn't want. It's never the other way around and no wonder, with the establishment putting their thumbs on the scales to get their people nominated, it will continue to be this way.

I don't actually think there are many people who excited to vote for Biden. He is coasting on name recognition and familiarity. People just want Trump gone and see him as the safe choice. I think the blue no matter who people will vote for Bernie but not the other way around. With Joe, there is little enthusiasm anyway.

I don't see voting as an obligation. It is a Civic duty but people can abstain if they choose to. I agree that anyone who doesn't bother to perform that Civic duty and then complains ought to be told to shut up. However, when you live in a two party system and both parties refuse to give decent options, I can sympathize. I say vote third party, write in, vote no confidence, whatever participate, make your voice heard.

I image you have very little respect for Trump voters, same here.


Will do.


Bernie will do the right thing for the. Country, just as he did in 2016, tell his supporters to vote for the dem. nominee, and work tirelessly to get them elected (he held rallies for Hillary in 39 cities after the Convention)

Bernie is a good man. I like Liz as well. My big fear is that the dems are going to go with the candidate that protects their bank accounts the best.....and that ain't Bernie.



Absolutely true vote


I plan to vote regardless, but if Biden gets the nom.....hoo, boy are we fucked. Good and fucked. A rich white corporate puppet vs. a rich orange corporate puppet.

Still better than trump

@bobwjr Yeah, but not much. I think we need higher standards than that.

We've been fucked since 2016. Getting half unfucked is better than getting twice as fucked.

@OwlInASack yes he is expanding affordable care act to eliminate that

@OwlInASack the original affordable care act was more comprehensive but Senate republicans watered it down under direction of their insurance company owners


Once the primaries are over I will be donating to Democratic Senate candidates, especially in states like Kentucky, South Carolina, Texas and Arizona. Might add to my monthly AOC donation too.


We're already doing that.

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