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I signed up with a local animal shelter to take their dogs out for walks. Today was the first day out and they gave me, Chloe, a 2 yr old pup acquired from another shelter who's never had a family of her own. She's a wonderful dog: calm, even tempered, and very friendly and affectionate.

My dog died suddenly a few months ago. I might need this as much as the shelter dogs do.

I need dogs in my life.

Sgt_Spanky 8 Mar 5

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I know exactly what you mean. I lost my two spaniels two years and two and a half years ago.

Not got another furry companion yet.

Something special about dogs.

They're great. Personally, I like them better than most people.

@Sgt_Spanky Me too


How much does Chloe weigh ? My pit / lab mix ( so I'm told ) is a little over 2 y.o. ( so I'm told). He weighs around 34 lbs.

twill Level 7 Mar 6, 2020

I'd ,make her around 30-32


Very cool for you. Glad you found something to make you happy. Beautiful dog.


What a cutie, and I love her name too!


She looks so wonderful, and happy to be out and about. Words that a great many of us scoff at here, magic, heaven, all of that, and wonder wrapped up in a furry little package. And don't forget love. You're going to want to adopt them all, but Chloe there looks like a wonderful candidate for you.


I'm not a dog person but that's a great thing you're doing, well done and I'm sure they pay you back in spades with love and affection for a little stroll.

Chloe certainly did.


@Sgt_Spanky Your book “To Wish....” on Kindle has mainly five-star reviews. I rarely read fiction but I downloaded a sample. BTW, IMO we humans don’t deserve dogs.

You got that right. What did humans ever do to deserve dogs? Hope you enjoy the book.

@Sgt_Spanky didn't they effectively adopt us - it's like they realized they needed us. But unfortunately there still too many psychopaths among us.


What a lovely programme 😊 might be difficult not to adopt one within the next 6 months though 🙂

It's a great program. I'm glad I found it.


Looks like my dog of a different color

twill Level 7 Mar 5, 2020

good for you. it's too bad that so many don't get adopted

The shelter has room for about thirty dogs and only 6 cages were occupied so that was a good sign.


If some one said god sent dogs I might believe them.


Such a face!!! She looks like a real sweetie!
I'm so proud of you!

Aww, thanks. I did good.

@Sgt_Spanky Yes. Yes, you did!!!!

@Sgt_Spanky you did more than good. You helped that precious pup get out for a bit and you helped your heart heal some! Great thing you did by helping out at the shelter!😍

@Redheadedgammy There was a dog named Isis (bad name) that had the saddest eyes. I wanted to take her but she's wearing a cone so until it comes off she's not allowed out. She lost her family due to the HOA restrictions where they moved. I want to take Isis out as soon as I can get her.


And dogs need u ♥️♥️♥️ Hello chloe ♥️

I'm looking forward to the next walk.

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