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It's interesting watching all the religious and new agey people quietly going about canceling their events and washing their hands. Why don't they just pray or "send energy" that coronavirus just go away? I can't help but think that somewhere deep down they know what bullshit that is.

MichaelF 6 Mar 11

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well, there are laws or at least very strong directives involved too though


It’s gods plan .Maybe they know their god is a stubborn SOB and is not willing to change its mind just to save some of his own creations


Their god is angry.

Unity Level 7 Mar 12, 2020

They are praying it away:

And some say it can't be spread:


Wait, are they not suppose to go to paradise if they croak?

No one has ever gone up to heaven so nope


"Faith is believing what you know ain't so." -- Mark Twain

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 11, 2020

I don't think that they know that their stupid belief might not be real!


Do I detect a wee bit of snarkiness?


...I wonder.. with the fact of evolution proven by viral mutations, the lack of any coherent intervention by a supreme being, the total disregard of religious, ethnic, or geographical borders … and within my nation - Republican funding cuts to the CDC, lack of healthcare for all, lack of sick leave, and a mistaken reliance on tax exempt religious organizations powerless against plague … will the nation evolve?

Will we demand leaders who put our health & welfare above profit..? Will it thin the ignorant.? Will human contrived religion finally be exposed as the hoax it is?

Varn Level 8 Mar 11, 2020


Washing your hands to prevent infection is common sense.

It has nothing to do with religion.

imo washing your hands to prevent "infection" is suicidal, at least the way we do it. Unless you have been playing in sewage or something. Otherwise, get infected imo


This should be used to demonstrate that their god is the best god there is in the whole wide universe. I would invite them to prove it by landing a wet french kiss in the mouth of infected humans, this virus can't be more powerful than your omnipotent god, right?

@creative51 dogdammit. That's what all these traffic jams are all about!


It’s not as if this were the first threatening situation to ever occur. Religious people have always endured the same hardships as everyone else. Obviously their belief systems encompass a God concept that is in harmony with life with all its travails. Think of Job in the Bible.

The most profoundly religious people are not concerned with what happens to their bodies.

Yeah well, it's just god's plan. Of course he never lets us in on the plan so ya just gotta believe.


To be fair, I don't think belief in god and being careful are at odds with each other. One way it used to be expressed was 'God helps those who help themselves'. God was never meant to be a protection against every bad thing.


Yet more proof again that Christians just keep on making shit up.


I said much the same last week.
Not to mention, the guy in New Rochelle, NY helped spread COVID-19 by going to synagogue.
Many catholic churches have emptied their "holy" water receptacles and called off baptisms.

Church leaders know their bullshit is exactly that, bullshit.


I am washing my hands as a matter of principle, and I avoid events where I could be in a room with you unconcerned people because I have a serious chronic illness and don't want to die a moment sooner than I have to. I especially do not want to meet people like you and your ilk.

My post was about the uselessness of prayer, not about washing hands. I'm washing my hands too. It looks like you misunderstood my point. I totally support people in your position doing what you need to do.

@MichaelF I think we are on the same page. I avoid people who pray the bad away and ignore everything else.. I read your post out loud this time, and you are right: I misunderstood you. Sorry!

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