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Mystery religions were prevalent in Egypt and all the middle east at the time of adoption of the Jewish faith in the incarnation of the Jewish faith in Christianity. In the mysteries there were VIrgin births, the killing of Kings and resurrections, miracles and all the trappings of our current religion (if you are of the Jewish/ Christian/ Islamic tradition). People have been conned for so long and too long but they are still gullible and they still buy into the BS. And the world is worse for it.

Azaz8899 5 Mar 15

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"same as it ever was" yeh


Straight outta Egypt (thru Israel into Rome and across the Atlantic)

The uneducated with no interest in mystical traditions and the esoteric may regard Ancient Egypt as little more than a place of pagan worship, strange hieroglyphics, and monuments erected by thousands of Hebrew slaves. But those more learned, especially those having undertaken the initiative rituals of Freemasonry, will see a link between the Egyptian metaphysical tradition and modern mystery schools, of which Freemasonry is one. []

Lord of host Lucifer the devil leading the Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worshippers in the establishment of the mark of the beast 666 identification for taxation and government control. No justice for the innocent, more children can be trained to speak and act abused to wrongfully prosecute innocent people especially those that oppose there Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worship "my teacher made me touch her p.p ". Rape the original indigenous inhabitants of their land call it America call them such as Mexicans, Indians and native Americans

Word Level 8 Mar 17, 2020

as george carlin said " i pray to Joe Pesci he knows how to get things done "


The book of John especially reads exactly like a product of a mystery religion.

gearl Level 8 Mar 15, 2020

The entire Holey Babble ( Holy Bible), not just the book of John, reads like some cheap, badly thought out and written mystery novel.

wadr that is bc wisdom is hidden from the wise, as the Bible makes very plain that there are no "mysteries" too; No one has ever gone up to heaven, No son of man may die for another's sins, All go to the same place, etc. iow there is no reason to accept "believer's" conclusions about the Bible

John was a Republican Christian Conservative.

Read it and tell me I am wrong.


Very few realize that Chrianities are in fact a mystery religion. I get much criticism for pointing that out. In truth if one studies mystery religions specifically it becomes very appearant. Not traces but mounds of evidence are presented in the New Testiment. This is not good or bad, it is simply a part of the makeup of this cult.

that is contemplated in the story of Esau, the guy who needed red stew or he would "die." Also a likely reasoning for God, why have you forsaken Me?


When did we mortals ever stop dreaming of immortality? We live, We die and in the end, that's as good as it gets, so be happy.

you and your sons will be here with me (Samuel)
all go to the same place
There is nothing better for man than to eat, drink, and enjoy his work.


Did you hear? Jim Baker invented the cure for the corona virus!

Two aspirin and a grand sent directly to him and you will not get the virus. I am willing to do the same thing for five hundred. Any takers?

@dalefvictor actually its a suppository with a picture of Jesus on it JIm never misses a chance to fuck people in the ass

@bklynite53 I am not going there. All I will do is take the money and nothing else. but don't tell anyone.


Religion is a tool used by humans--and historically speaking, men--to gain control over the masses. It is used for validation of wars, totalitarianism, the suppression of women, and other negative issues.

However, it is a misnomer to say that "religion" caused these issues: it was humans. Take religion out of the equation and humans are still petty, greedy, power hungry, and still want to dominate one another. They would have waged war regardless.

Exactly. It’s a people problem not religious.


It's not that people had any choice in how they thought about religion. It existed in the very fabric of their minds. The evolution of consciousness went the only way it could and brought us to where we are now.

Are you certain?

Consciousness need not have evolved the way it did in humans, as I read it, any more than humans need have evolved at all. Any one of trillions of contingencies might have led to a different species evolving as the dominant, tool-using, city-builders of our planet. If not for a meteorite 65 million years ago, highly evolved raptors might be speculating on what would have happened if those little furry buggers had evolved to dominance instead... and their type of consciousness might not be geared toward myth-making or storytelling. We flatter ourselves that any other intelligence is going to be similar to ours, but it's not necessarily so.


No shit, Sherlock???


Also, the "virgin birth" prophecy was no such thing. In the Hebrew, it was foretold in the book of Isaiah that "a young woman" (almah) would give birth. Not nearly as sexy as a "virgin" giving birth- young women give birth all the time. The Greek translators screwed up and used the word for "virgin" instead. 2000 years of stupid has been the result.

Even now there are Xian websites trying to explain how "young woman" really meant "virgin", just to excuse the Greeks and maintain that it really was holy inspired translation and not a fuckup.


Yes, but those were just myths (say the believers).

How can they tell their mythology is the true one?

Faith, baby.

(I know it doesn't make any sense. Joseph Campbell pointed this stuff out decades ago. His series with Bill Moyers on PBS started me on my long journey of investigating comparative religion and questioning how any of it could be true, leading me through agnosticism and eventually to atheism.)

Have you viewed "The Naked Archeologist"? I used to watch it on PBS. Kept me interested, too. People can find it on Youtube now. Oh yes, it has nothing to do with nakedness. The director travels around the Middle East while investigating items like the actual cave where John the Baptist supposedly lived. He lays Bible stories bare.


Yes, also as Dr. Bart Ehrman has said Josh McDowell missed the third L word in describing 'Jesus' in his book and should have added the third of legend.

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