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Any chance someone will post all of the Trump and Fox news quotes calling the virus a hoax and a plot by the Democrats and it's no big deal, it'll be over soon, and the vaccine will be out in a couple months, and it'll die off in the spring. Gee could that be why people are out partying thinking it's all foolish? When their supreme leader tells them everything is okay?
Update, someone did...

And now from world-renowned author Mitch Albom

lerlo 8 Mar 17

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Well I can attest that (as a medical professional) it isn’t a hoax. I work in a purely elective surgical setting and we are shut down!
These “believers” are going to kill us all!! His early lack of seriousness exacerbated the spread.


Glad some one did! Thanks for posting.


Who the hell is "we"? None if this is news to the rational portion of our society (or even the world). It is only the insane enablers that listen to the maniac-in-chief and that news items like this are fake.
Ran into a woman I know (a part timer here) who is trying to get me to visit. I know she is an anti-vaxer and don't jave a lot of respect for her. She then got started in telling me this issue is overblown. She claimed she has a degree in biology and some retired military general has proposed this is overblown and will hurt the economy. We were in the middle of the store so I didn't get upset. If she does call I will tell her if she wants us to visit one word of her 'conspiracy' theory I won't be so calm. It's like climate changer denial only worse. Maybe we should ask these deniers how many rolls of TP they have hoarded?


Here's a comforting thought, what if all the libtards just stayed indoors for a 4 weeks, let the Trumpers revel in their conspiracy theories and once it was all over there wouldn't be many Trumpers or a Trump left to vote for? It would certainly make the election results a forgone conclusion.

@SanDiegoAirport Well we just need to abort more Republicans then. 😉


Trump now claims he is doing everything possible about it but says it will go away soon. He has also re-named it the "China virus." We are so lucky to have this SOB as POTUS. He even got rid of many in the CDC and said we do not need them. I posted this in FB and my Texas Trumper relative told me that I was lying. I told her to fact check it.

She thinks all his lies are dubbed? 😉


Not just him, his supporters still call it a hoax.

Hate to spread this guy but I think its important that people understand that the Trump supporters in the digital world are still repeating that BS.
Its a hoax, the disease is real BUT
The liberal media is making a mountain out of a mole hill.
This ONE guy has over 200,000 followers, and there are a number of such people.

Check the date on this BS . . .


I’m so tired of rolling my eyes, that I’m sure I have some sort of Eyeroll disorder. Same with fluent cursing at Trump, his followers, apologists, and the conspiracy theorists. 🙄🙄😡🤬🤬 Stupid motherfuckers.

I can't facepalm any more either ... too many bruises!


Our best late-night 'comedy shows’ had done that ..daily. Now, they’re apparently hunkered down.. I think both our Democrat candidates are making of it what they should, no joke.

So, tired, as I watched trump’s address to (our) the nation yesterday, as he’d finally got with a semblance of reality and humility (realizing the situation’s bigger than him) ..I had a twinge of sympathy, compassion, or some kind of weird ‘positive feeling’ for him…

Actually, at times of national disasters, our leaders, no matter how inept (think Bush Jr.), are given additional support.. Hope that doesn't help our national embarrassment - the world needs him out!

Varn Level 8 Mar 17, 2020

My college roommate, a Trump supporter's wife has the virus. It took all I could to not say "you mean it's not a hoax?" He and his son are both in quarantine awaiting their test results

@lerlo ...I wanted so hard to press that hysterical laughing button..

@Varn I broke down. Don lemon on CNN did the whole chronology and I emailed it to him.


It would be easy to laugh at if they weren't going home and to work and endangering other people.

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