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Does anyone else here find it quite amusing that the Celebration of the Supposed Resurrection has 'miraculously' fallen on April Fools Day this year.
A kind of subtle 'Poetic Justice' to my way of thinking.

Triphid 8 Mar 31

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What? I thought Easter was always on April Fools Day. Now people will not take the Easter Bunny seriously. I hope he doesn't see his shadow.


Amusing indeed, I love a good bit of irony in life from time to time.


Christmas has the same Historical significance as it is really the Pagan Feast of Sagittarius and then if you really go into the Celelbratory Festivities it really gets spicy and lots of fun. I got going on it way back and I was amazed at what went on so I'll let you go and delve into it and tell us what you know, found or are trying to confirm. I still can't figure out when I drive by a Church that is sponsoring and Easter Egg Hunt whose the Religious Leader at the forefront.


I'm going to an Easter brunch at a restaurant by myself. I just hope I don't pay and then they say April Fools.


Lol!! Yesss


Religion, itself, is amusing but people take it so damned seriously.


What justice would that be?


I find it strange that a magical moment in history keeps changing its date.

That's because it follows the Jewish lunar calendar. Easter/Passover is always the first full moon after the Equinox.

Basically, time to have a celebration before planting the spring crops.

Was stolen from old religion pre christianity.
Easter sunday always is on the full moon

I know that Christian holidays are based on pre-existing holy days, but isn't it a bit confusing to all deities concerned? And if they are 'angry and jealous', should we expect believers to be going around with lightning rods on these days?


Yes. The same as a few years ago too.


Most interesting! About Wed, we should have reserrection?

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