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Changes from the Coronavirus Fight

I think our current fight and tactical adjustments in work, home and social life is going to bring these changes in our lives ahead. Experts are already mincing data of all kinds and seeing where the trends are.

  1. Technology is the New Hero - It made remote working easy and efficient, government services are automated on internet portals, more mobile apps are rolled out.
  2. Data Science will be also a New Hero - Data crunching has started. It will reveal new statistics, new trends, curves that we do have not imagined and seen it. Data visualization, big data, software like Tableau will surge
  3. Remote Working will Accelerate - Employers are realizing that remote working works, this is a big drill of massive remote working for governments and businesses
  4. Outsourcing will Increase - Employers will explore outsourcing to contractors and reduce employees on payroll
  5. Businesses have Found Ways to Reduce Costs - This massive drill gave businesses an insight into how to change to save costs
  6. Commercial Real Estate will Begin Collapsing - This is just a slow beginning but the transformation will complete in 10 years. Employers will need less real estate with remote working
  7. Downtowns as we know will Transform - Downtowns will be places of leisure, not work
  8. A New Way to Reduce Pollution - We just found out the air is cleaner, less cars on the road
  9. Restaurants will Increase Delivery and Take Outs - I took out food from a restaurant today. The owner said he let 11 people go because he does not need people to do dishes, wait tables and clean and the business is good. He increased cooks. Food delivery companies like Uber Eats, Doordash, Food Panda see a bright future.
  10. Drive Through Health Care will increase - Hospitals and clinics will suggest small treatments like the flu, blood work can be done through drive through
  11. E-commerce - has nothing but exponential growth
  12. Must Reinvent to Survive
  13. Radio advertising
  14. Transportation - Uber, taxis
  15. Utilities - commercial and residential
  16. Oil and Gas

What other changes do you see?

St-Sinner 9 Mar 24

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Increase in distance learning.


How about bad countries increase research on biological weapons? They now know it can bring an entire nation to its knees.


I’d say the ‘prepper,’ or bunker-mentality survivalists will greatly increase beyond paranoid antisocial gun worshipers ... to a younger generation of well educated families returning to the land. A serious exodus from city to rural living, especially if telecommuting proves viable.

In the US - Single-payer Healthcare far sooner than the current clawback required to save our ACA…

Less respect for Religion, and an increased respect for Science funding & education.

A serious need for health-care workers, not only to replace those lost, but as far fewer will be inclined to enter the field given the reality of a pandemic..

Less military spending around the world; we’ve met the enemy, and must unite to a greater degree to fend off future attacks.

A loss of funding and interest in “The Arts.” Artists starve…

Varn Level 8 Mar 24, 2020

I'd say you've made a good call. 😉 Strange days indeed. 🤯


Cash will no longer be king, it will go the way of the dodo bird and it will make monitoring income and expenses so much easier for taxation purposes, the underground economy will get slaughtered. Big corporations will swallow up what is left of independent, medium sized businesses and Big banks will destroy the credit unions and smaller finance companies, giving them a virtual monopoly which will make wage slaves of most of us.

Now that's more positive!

Isn't this already happening?

@St-Sinner Apparently the AI rulers didn't think it was moving forward as efficiently as possible, hence the cattle prod up the ass.


You make it sound like utopia.

How about a 12 year window?

@St-Sinner My kids cell phones know them better than I.

@St-Sinner I thought by 2030 the plan was supposed to be fully implemented? Where did the extra 2 years come from?

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