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They are attached! I can tell a difference, not sure how many others can. Had to glue many other parts... I'm just fortunate it's Lane and didn't fall apart. Countersunk the screws to attach. Two in each leg. Found another spot to glue so the clamp will be on until it dries and then I can return to my room

Larimar 7 Mar 28

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Nice looking legs lady!


two more pics showing it in place. How evident is the difference? 😟

I know I'm going to have to work on the leg on the left a bit yet......apparently the bottom board is cracked and didn't see it until weight was put on it. Again, I'm lucky it's still useable.

@Larimar Did it get dropped in transport?

abusive ex threw it down steel staircase from a house on stilts. Broke my heart.

@Larimar I'm so sorry!

I'm also glad you're having the best revenge by being able to fix it yourself.

I won, I'm still alive and happy! 💜


Well done you!

Seriously envy you the tools - I have some but the bulk went to my brother. On the plus side he's really put them to good use over the years so I can't gripe. 😁

I did get the work bench which I took with me to this home.


Do you have any "before" photos?

that would have helped wouldn't it? No, I didn't but there was nothing on the left side as far as legs on the thing

@Larimar By the way you have it clamped, it looks as though both the corner of that bottom board and the leg broke off.

The trim at the bottom was pulled loose. 😟 Didn't notice it at first. Put a brad through after gluing and clamping.


Damn, you have a pair of nice anvils! How big are they?

anvils? You mean the vises in the background? You should see my Dad's garage...60x80' building full. 3 welders of which I know how to use, a lift, everything. My son and I are going to have to go empty it and haul the contents that we can manage here. Dad easily had half a million or more in tools. We like our tools. I have my grandfather's carving tools and used them on this.

@Larimar Oh, the legs upside down look like anvils. Me bad.

Is that what you call them? & an awfully personal question.

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