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Greetings, #agnostic #world!
I am glad to find such a great, positive community through an excellent site. This is really, human, humanist and humanitarian.
I think that it is possible to evolve to a more understanding, caring and united Humanity, and here is a place for new ideas to emerge in this sense, for a better future. Growing in the awareness of (historical) moral evolution and restoring the harmony inside Humanity and with the rest of Terra Family should be the priorities of humans, as the most evolved Terrian beings. As D'Holbach said, "Man cannot be happy without virtue." I invite you to reflection upon these issues, that can grow and correct our knowledge and responsibilities as "wanted" protectors of the Terrian Heritage.
The freedom from religion here can only help us to clarify our ideas, and be also supportive of our fellow humans who need to get out of the trap of different illusions (religious, scientificard, politicard etc.). Our free-trought is a treasure and also an alarm for the mobilization of the best, the most enlightened in the human culture, like the little bell of the snowdrop below, announcing the #spring. We owe our #life to our Planet, we must be friendly relatives, not inamical ones. Terra is watching us and hopes for our love and protection.
#allterrafamilyforrecovery #moralevolutionfirst #terrafamilyisgreat #protectterrafamily #peace #harmony #unity #protectterrianevolution

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Welcome and thankyou for your insightful introduction.


I agree with all but one of your observatoins.

In what way is "sceintist" a member of the set "trap of different illusions" . . . That . . . "we need to get out of?"

Thank thee for this observation. For clarity, I have replaced ”scientist” with ”scientificard” - that is the false and harmful pretentions to science, very different from the true, positive, humane science.

@Noemi The term scientificard turns up nothing on Google? I still don't understand your use of this term as your definition appears to attempt to discredit science/(the scientific method).

Please spend a few minutes and watch this video. It will give you a better understanding of what science is so you can better clarify your assertion.

@NoMagicCookie Thank thee, but this is not my point. Politicard is the decay of political, and scientificard - the decay of scientific (my words). See ”scientism” . []

@Noemi @NoMagicCookie The parts of the article I read, the first section, and the section on religion/new atheism, I found informative to an extent. The problem lies in figuring out where the term applies, in that its subjective nature can result in wildly divergent views on its valid application. My verdict is that while it is something to be on the lookout for, it could only safely be used in the most extreme of examples. No concrete examples have been given by you or were in the article, but I may have a candidate. There recently has resurfaced controversy over IQ scores. Perhaps the term 'scientism' could be applied to those who tend to minimize (another subjective term) that there might be factors related to intelligence that we can't yet accurately quantify, or we have not yet even identified. Interestingly, a recent movie played on this theme. "The Thinning", takes place in a dystopian future in which population control is enforced through a high-school aptitude test. Those who fail it are executed.


Hi and welcome to a freethinker/humanist community.


If you flatter us too much, we'll think we're important. Hmmm...mmmm.....

Our importance is not flattering, it is engaging. Because, as this site mentioned in the introduction, one of the humanist principles is to leave the world better than we have found it. This is real evolution and we have the duty of protection, especially when recovery is necessary. (So evolution can have purposes, and positive ones, contrarily to the modern myth of ”purposeless evolution”.)

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