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Have you wondered if perhaps the godbotherers of the US love trump because he does truly represent the characteristics of the god they worship?
Eg. Narcissistic, racist, psychopathic.

Cyklone 7 Apr 16

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There is a strong element of propaganda given out by the mega churches. Supporting Trump is good for business. This is also reflected in their offspring churches in the UK too.
Trump is their enemies enemy, and thus, their friend, but only a tool. The mega churches have learned and make extensive use of NAZI doctrines and skills. In research I have observed the similarities between Sunday service and a NAZI rally. Mix that with American showmanship and pizazz then you have a heady mix to stir up the stupid masses. In the end like Hitler said, it is not a few intellectuals they have to convert...
A question to be addressed is, who will succeed him once he is gone assuming Biden loses. Pence will potentially step in and sweep up the evangelical support which could if unchecked open the gates to religion becoming a major part of American politics.

That's a scary thought.

@Cyklone Interestingly we have been covering this across our studies at college. Religion in society and American politics 1945-2019. If we get end of academic year exams, it may form part of it.
Scotland is tryingto keep it comtemporary.


No. That doesn't match up.


Trump hates the things they hate. I still recall a Florida Trumper who came right out and said "Trump isn't hating all the right people." It's like a religion. Your god hates the things that you hate.

So bloody true.

Mutual hate seems like a universal and useful characteristic for those that people choose to support.

@LeighHunt and unfortunately it is so often what pollies will latch onto to get elected.


My Mormon brother and his wife know that tRump is incredibly dishonest -- you can't trust him any farther than you can throw a fit.
But tRump has hitched himself to the GOP and McConnell and that includes pushing policies like forcing the judiciary as far right as they can and it includes maximum racism and mysogeny.
They support tRump because the people behind him are the same sort of monsters that they are.
As long as their policies get advanced, they'll ignore that tRump is disgusting. It's worth the trade to them.

Narrow minded to not consider the effect of having a narcissistic psychopath in control even if he is pushing your barrow.

Being anti racism and mysogeny is the opposite of pushing for maximums of those things.

@LeighHunt They're not anti-racism and not anti-misogyny(spelling in my comment, sorry). They support both those ideas.

For example, a Mormon I worked with years ago tried to explain the LDS attitude toward women to me: 'Women just have a different calling'. And of course, they are extremely 'pro-life'(tm).
I won't list any of the many examples of racism but picture their town on the edge of the Navajo reservation.


Good point!


I think is directly proportional to their level of stupidity. The more stupid the more trumper.


One could add greed, usury,avarice, and shameless ignorance.


I see the similarities and would take it a step further. I think it is more because they prefer not to think and both religion and Trump prefer that they don't think. They want to believe in a salvation when what they are trying to escape is the very thing they are creating.

Exactly, follow without thinking too much. Christianity promotes following, being a lamb for a shepherd or an infant to a divine parent.


Is godbother an Aussie colloquialism for a Xian? I've never heard it before.

Yep. 😄

We use it a lot in the UK too


Those godbotherers love Trump because because he has a lot of similarities to the God of the Bible.

Which also explains why I loath and detest the man.

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