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Anyone have some Low Carb High Fat experiences?

Well, I've not been great at the application of this diet but I believe (because I have done it well in the past) that it is based on science. Let's hear what you've done!

iamjc 7 Apr 3

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I wish....I wish....I wish.....that Everytime someone mentioned Carbs, they prefaced with either "good" or "bad" ....or even "simple" or "complex". The misuse of words is pretty bad all around us. The usage of the word carbs" is one of the worst examples. Now we've lumped Spinach in with enriched bread, doughnuts and white spaghetti.. No difference, right? They're all carbs....

twill Level 7 Apr 3, 2018

Carbs are carbs. They just have different levels of glycemic impact. All suck, basically. Some suck less.

@jperlow Saying that all carbs suck (even if some suck less) is misguided at best, and derives from ignorance of physiological needs. Simple carbohydrates do pose problems, when consumed in excess or regularly.

On that note, anything taken to excess, such as going completely no-carb or extreme low-carb is detrimental to one's health. A certain amount of carbohydrate intake is absolutely necessary in the long run for brain. Adequate fat intake is also important. Low fat and low carb diets, taken to extreme are not healthy for any extended period of time.

@Meep70 Carbs can be gotten from other food sources besides grains. You can get all of the ones you need to live from vegetables. Nobody needs breads or pasta or potatoes to live. As a formerly morbidly obese person who had Type II diabetes who is now not obese or diabetic, I speak from experience. Thanks.

@jperlow "Carbs are carbs. They just have different levels of glycemic impact. All suck, basically. Some suck less." comes across as sensationalist (reeks of BS) and sends a different message than "You can get all of the ones you need to live from vegetables."

Thanks for the clarification. I'm glad you were able to get your health back on track by making positive choices. That is truly inspirational, and a story that could encourage others to do the same.

@Meep70 When I say "carbs" I am coming from the community of ex-obese and bariatric surgery patients who are ADDICTED to chips, pasta, breads, sugars. We collectively refer to all of these processed and simple carb things as "carbs". We have to avoid all of them like the plague and that is currently what metabolic surgery post-op diet protocol is. Vegetables are vegetables, and even though they HAVE some carbs in them, we don't put them in that group of foods. Nobody gets addicted to vegetables.

@jperlow Veggies are Veggies, but not a carb? Or they are, but not so much. But they aren't because, oh heck U No what I mean by a carb. Except, I don't. But I'm trying to.

I appreciate your input jperlow, especially based on your experience. I seek that wisdom. I guess I'm too exacting for everyday conversation.

My sister had a minor stroke 2 years ago, recovering quite well now. My family had a food conversation on Sunday. But it got a little frustrating as we (me) had to work through the definition of things they were all trying to say.

My point is when people off handedly "slam carbs" I have to come back with....does that mean veggies too? If so, why? Then they might come back with, I didn't mean veggies, I meant other carbs. And then it has to get worked out because.....they weren't clear from the beginning. Or I don't know the street lingo here. Or I am simply trying to guess as to how someone eats "healthy" with almost no nutrients except protein......

@twill To understand this better you should be looking at the Glycemic Index of foods. There are apps you can get that will tell you what the GI is of anything. So for example Glucose (Sugar) is 100. Table Sugar (sucrose) is 63. White rice is 66. Start with this []

@twill You want to eat foods which are LOW on the GI. So green vegetables have carbs in them, but are low on the GI.

@jperlow Thank you. At the bottom there is the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load. For me to avoid reading the whole article, at this point, which should more concern me?

@twill GI.

@jperlow As a student of nutrition, for decades, to support my own nutritional struggles (a genetic predisposition to extreme hypoglycemia) I see where you are coming from regarding "carbs" vs carbs. I, too need to follow a similar diet, but for the opposite reason. Simple carbs spike my blood glucose, causing an exaggerated insulin spike, storing it all as fat, and taking my blood glucose dangerously low. "Fasting" for more than a few hours can be problematic, too, because I poorly convert fat to glucose, so, hypoglycemia between meals is a bitch.

That said, without proper clarification, the language can be misleading to someone who is just beginning to study the benefits of reducing their carbohydrate intake for whatever reason. Your mention of glycemic index and the helpful link brings more clarity and is a great resource for the uninitiated.

@jperlow WOW! Really? A watermelon is the same as a donut? (76) Whereas in the GL the difference is almost 50% (17 donut/ 8 watermelon)

I'm not arguing it's just a little hard to accept. As a big time fruit eater.....this worries me!

@twill Too much fruit is bad, especially fruit juice. If you're gonna eat fruit eat it as a whole fruit because at least then you are getting the dietary fiber. Yeah watermelon definitely one to watch. Remember also the GI has portion sizes associated with it too.

@jperlow No, no juices here. Sugar water.

@twill Yup and get off the diet soda too. It makes you crave actual sugar.

@jperlow no soda period almost. Maybe three or four per year

@jperlow any thoughts or experience with exercise and weight loss?

@twill Yes. You need to exercise.

@jperlow I'm not trying to stick my nose where it doesn't belong, but just to add a comment in passing.. I don't know if the two of you knuckleheads are being intentionally passive aggressive, or unintentionally aggregious. Either way, while I can appreciate the GI chart bought up, this.question of carbs is being researched and illuminated more each day. I bring this up because it seems to me that any argument which is strictly anecdotal, can and should be disregarded. So here's the latest findings from a study of 135,000 adults from 18 countries over 7 years. Separated into high, med, low income, then using blood samples, results are obvious, across the board, the more fat, the less likely heart disease and death. Reverse for carbs. Somewhat to my surprise, bioactive foods that give rise to new plant life, like fruits and seeds, are undoubtedly the most vital of all foods to intake. to optimize life potential, a diet rich in fruits, beans, seeds, vegetables, and fats, include dollops of whole grains, and low in refined carbohydrates and sugars.

@jperlow Why?

@twill prevents muscle deterioration. Cardio. Improved mental state. Lots of reasons.

@jperlow How much weight is lost through exercise? And which exercises would you recommend?

@Aquaman I am going with protocol that I know that has kept 150lbs off and has eliminated my Type 2 diabetes. And I really don’t feel like debating established and scientifically validated post metabolic surgery protocols that are being used worldwide.

@twill in my case it’s primarily for tone and cardiovascular health unless you are doing heavy weight lifting. I’m not an excercise expert. I do bike riding, swimming, walking. Hiking, Activity, period.

@jperlow just a conversation. NBD. I'm always trying to learn. Have a good one


I’m doing Keto. Have slimmed down amazingly. No effort. I eat all the eggs, fats, meats, seafoods, cheeses and leafy greens I want to. Whole milk. Nothing processed. Giving up potatoes, bread, rice and pasta wasn’t that hard. Not after I saw the results.

Downside is I’m hot all the time because my body is burning my fat since there’s no sugar to use. Boo frigging hoo.

I still drink wine and cheat occasionally.


Fitness Coach and Natural Bodybuilder here...

I'd preface this by saying ANY diet works because they all follow some model of caloric reduction.

As far as Ketogenic diets, when the body has depleted it's reserves of glucose for fuel (from food, muscle, and liver glucose) free fatty acids can be converted to ketones for energy. This facilitates lipolysis (using bodyfat for energy) if you have gone some time without eating.

When carbohydrates are reentroduced, the primary physiological goal is replenishment of muscle and liver glucose, so as long as you don't eat too many carbs too frequently, you can occasionally enjoy some carbs.

My PROBLEM with this diet (and most) is by restricting large food groups you're setting most people up for a binge eating moment. Fat also shouldn't get a free pass as too much fat can increase insulin resistance (IR is the cause of type 2 diabetes).

It CAN be very healthy if you eat a lot of veggies and can get all of your micronutrients, but I don't think it's mentally healthy for most people long term.

With diets, it's NOT that we're all unique physiological entities who's cells, tissues, and organs are constituted and function differently. We're all 99.9% IDENTICAL. However, due to our individual preferences, some diets work better than others.

I could ramble on, but I'm trying to keep this as brief as possible. Lol. Hope this helps.

MrHIT Level 5 Apr 3, 2018

What we have here, written by MrHIT, is a very clear example of what I wouldnt hesitate in describing as a perfect response. So often people speak with what they deem to be an authority, and apparently through osmosis, they become another authority. MrHit, however, relies upon actual earned knowledge through I'd imagine, many of hours of research and discussion. So the point is I'd like to thank MrHit for providing us all with not only the info being sought, but more importantly, a perfect demonstration of how to actually argue a point, where refutation is futile. As they say, facts are facts. We, especially myself, could learn a lot from this reply.


I did Atkins years ago — lost 20 pounds and gained it back because I missed too many yummy foods.

Now I eat whatever I want and always keep in mind the science of CICO. Calories in have to be fewer than calories out (burned) to lose weight. I’d like to be ten pounds lighter, but I maintain my weight pretty steadily.

I found an easier way. Catch a very slow acting cancer, called lymphoplasmacitic lymphoma. Painless and very effective!


I am a functional nutritionist. I am not strict with my carb intake all the time but most days I follow a low carb / higher fat/protein/vegetable diet with some intermittent fasting. Works well for me. With clients I start by reducing sugar and cleaning up the diet generally. Its not for everyone but most clients who do it find it suits them well but there are some situation where it doesn't suit. Also, unless someone is going strictly keto for health reasons, it doesn't have to be super strict every day to still benefit!

Absolutely based on good science. The 'fact' that we need sugars/carbs for energy is only partly true. We evolved having periods of fasting during lean seasons and also during different parts of the day. The body produces ketones from fats when we start to run low in carbs and actually this is the best fuel for our brains - this is why ketogenic diets can help people with epilepsy and cognitive decline. Its also why it is so good for weight loss as the body evolved to hold onto the fat reserves until the lean (ketogenic) periods occur. Currently the average diet is way too carb heavy - which is part of the reason why so many people have diabetes and weight issues.

You don't have to be strictly low fat high carb / keto to get the benefits either. Just avoiding sugar and carbs and fasting for a few extra hours in the morning before breakfast helps the body to get better at burning fats (5:2 diet, intermittent fasting).


I have dropped from 252lbs down to less than 220lbs by not consuming carbs. I eat animal proteins, and fats such as lard,butter, and beef fat. I also consume coconut oil as well as olive oil but stay away from all other vegetble oils. I also eat a large amount of green leafy vegetables for vitamins and fiber but stay away from fruits because of the sugars they contain. I also keep the quanity of fats and proteins to smaller sized portions but load up on the green vegetbles. Along with intermittent fasting I have lost weight and will continue to do so in my quest to become a lean mean fighting machine or at least to keep my weight and blood sugars in check. If I throw in some physical activity I will be following the Paleo life style that I believe is the best way to live. Good luck on your journey. I am 67yrs old so do not let age get in the way.


Yes I have . Low carb high protein diet. But I did try to cut down on the fat. and no sugar. last year I lost 117 lbs. and have managed keep it off. It worked for me.

Very well done!


The most prominent low carb die promoter, Robert Atkins, died of a heart attack and weighed 258 pounds when he died. Of course, if that is your goal, then by all means stick with this diet.


A sample size of one? Eh. He had other issues. Doesn't mean low carb is not scientifically valid. Has been validated in many medical journals in different countries.


I tried it years ago. All it accomplished was to make me sick. The list of side effects associated with this way of eating is long & varied.


I started on low carb due to the post op requirements of bariatric weight loss surgery. Down 150ish from a surgical weight of 366. 3 years in I have added more fat content, so I guess I am pseudo keto. Works pretty well, although I am not sure how scientifically vetted the keto diet is versus low carb/high protein. Or how much fat proprortionately you really need, it’s probsbly highly personalized due to individual metabolic issues.


Generally I try to limit sugars to less than 50 grams a day and limit simple carbs as well. I eat high fat because that is where satiety comes from. When I keep to this way of eating I can lose weight, lost over 50 pounds 2 years ago. Then I changed jobs, they keep feeding us, and the stress level is huge. I'm getting it back under control, but it is a struggle. Generally I eat less meat. I eat seafood, dairy and eggs when I do want animal protein. I eat mostly vegetable protein, lots of veggies, some fruits, and very low sugars. I did Atkins several years ago which worked great, and then I started traveling for my job. I think I've tried most diets.


My friends are on keto and swear by it


I had good luck with the "Atkins" approach in the past, but am concerned about health issues with it. Recently I read a book called the "Virgin Diet," and that seems a better approach, it worked for mw when I needed to shed a few pounds. Research it, see what you think. I'm an end user and not affiliated with any weight loss programs!


I did Keto for a while and it was awesome


Check out the Plant Paradox by Steven Gundry. He has some helful insights on this that may be valuable to you.


I do a sort of cross between Paleo and Ketogenic, I don't worry about staying in ketosis full time. A year and a half in, I've lost 30 pounds of excess weight, pushed my ANA numbers for Lupus into remission, and I've had enough energy back to start a low-impact exercise regimen since August.

I work with children with a variety of disabilities, so when I don't have a kid, I nip off to the PT department and use their equipment, such as a hand cycle and a very nice elliptical. I have some equipment at home, but I'm never going to put as much money in as a PT department worth $10s of thousands

I have been on a similar diet. My doctor put me on it and I've lost around 80lbs. and feel about 15 years younger. Cutting out grains and refined sugar really helped with inflammation.

@Blindbird, I have Celiac and I'm allergic to soy and shellfish. Artificial Ingredients trigger seizures, because most are B6 Antagonists and reduce the amount available to make necessary neurotransmitters. A lot of Paleo/Keto just made sense with all the crap going on with my health.

@TaraMarshall. It's astounding the difference it makes isn't it? I'm not celiac but I found cutting breads, pastas and sugars out of my diet helped me immensely anyway.

@Blindbird, specifically recommended for my autoimmune disorders, I've got three.

@TaraMarshall ouch.

@Blindbird, Celiac Disease, Raynaud's Phenomena, and Lupus. Pushed the Lupus into remission, though.


I have lost heaps a few times, 1st time was almost no carbs or sugar but lots of protein, 2nd time was just low carbs. I have never had fat in my diets, yet again I am working with someone who is doing it well, the only change is cutting out carbs and sugar, he has fat and protein, and has lost plenty.


Several years ago, I lost some weight on the Mediteranean diet, it cam back + when I couldn't stay on it. Last summer I did the Paleo diet, although I had to be strongly encouraged. Then I lost a few lbs. and had so much more energy, and lost my cravings for sweets, bread and other carbs. I have been reading a lot about it, and found that it is especially good for brain health. That's a great thing for ancient me!


Low carb yes - some fat yes - lean meats, cheeses, dried fruits. Staying away from wheat breads with fruitose corn syrup, same with granola/cereal bars and no diet soda or yogurt.


I don't eat anythiing diet. I did purchase some mandarin orange cups to start eating more fruit. I love fruit, but they mostly served canned pears here and I don't like canned pears.


I've been doing it for about a month, fairly consistently, trying to get into ketosis. I rarely succeed at achieving ketosis, but I still feel really good. Lots more energy and focus. Haven't lost much weight but my clothes fit better and my body feels more toned. And the more I do this, the less I crave sugar.

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