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Yay!! Got my t-shirt today! Woot woot! ????

BeeHappy 9 Apr 3

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Awesome! I can't wait to get my own! P.S. like my comment to speed up the delivery!

No problem! I always like any comment made on my post UNLESS I disagree. Lol

@BeeHappy I agree, but I wish there was an easy way to indicate 'I like the fact that you commented, but i don't agree with your comment!

@CeliaVL haha


Two more years and I'm going to be level 8! taking longer for me........grrrrrrrrrrrrr

@DUCHESSA takes a lot of points

@Rudy1962 I went to 7.2 in a piff...and now is so slow it feels I am dragging a ton of religious

I'm a mere 'baby six-er'

@duchessa lol

@ToakReon but you all grow up so fast

It does seem like forever that's for sure! But ahhh the satisfaction when you get there. ?

@BeeHappy we're still talking level 8, right?

Are we? ?

@BeeHappy lol


Jealousy!!!! I've been commenting and posting and liking like 2 million times a day but I'm pretty sure somehow I've lost 1500 points. Ugh. It's so LOOOOONG to get to 8. I want my shirrrrrrt

I hear you, it seems to take forever!

Post some more stuff and we'll help you with points. πŸ™‚

@Blindbird lol thank you! I've been liking every comment I see and trying to comment as much as I can too lol

@LadyAlyxandrea following to give a leg up. πŸ™‚

@Blindbird you rock. I'm 28k left and am now liking every comment and commenting everywhere lol


Well done! It looks good. Is it a reasonable quality?

Thanks and yes, good quality

@BeeHappy Worth aiming for, then.


You look maaaaaaaaaaaaarvelous.

Thank you kindly! ?


I suppose it’s safe to admit ..around here… how I’d bought (and still have) an American Atheist 25th Anniversary T-shirt … but don’t think I’ve ever wore it in public.. I wanted to, but figured my public behavior might reflect poorly on the organization πŸ˜€ or that I’d wear myself out explaining it to the world. So - now ya gotta behave πŸ˜‰

Varn Level 8 Apr 3, 2018

Oh shit! Behave? That's a tall order. Lol ?


Looks good!

Can you get a similarly decorated water-gun for 'cooling off' street preachers?

Hahaha! ?


bonnie u look awesome!

Awwww... thank you, Tim! ?


Woot!! Purple IS the color of royalty!

Hahaha! Yes, Queen Bee! ?

@BeeHappy Precisely!


What's the deal on the Tshirt? Do you order it on the site?

No, it's a reward for reaching level 8.

@BeeHappy I am so jealous!! I don't have mine yet.

@BeeHappy I will post non-stop from now

Ahh! I see. Well, I'm not one of Pavlov's dogs, so I'll just continue here as always following my own drum.

@DUCHESSA Posting and commenting, it can be challenging! If I can do it, anyone can. Time and patience. ?

@HippieChick58, like I told someone else, I'm sure " it's in the mail"! ?

@BeeHappy I enjoy posting / commenting.

@David1955 Good for you! That's what we need! πŸ™‚

@BeeHappy You were right! I had to check my mailbox today, and there it was. I really gotta check that more often, but 90% of the time it is junk mail. Today it was good!


Love it! Purple is definitely your colour.

Thank you, my friend! ?


hey, go you. well done



Haw are you



I see you are new, welcome!


Happy day!

Yes! ?


Awesome I can't weight for mine

So many of us got them today I'm sure its imminent.

indeed I'm in the UK though lol



Thanks my friend!


Yay! You look good!

Thank you!!

@BeeHappy You're welcome.


I want one that says ATHEIST


?And it is made to accomodate feasts as well! ?

Huh... Thank you, I think?

@BeeHappy Its not a very tight fit. You could almost get me in there with you!?

Nice try! It's plenty snug, must be the angle. ?

@BeeHappy No, I was on the angle. ?

Gotcha! ?

@BeeHappy ?


Nice. Looks good ?

Thank you kind sir! ?


Woot woot indeed ?



Well, how about that!


How do you get one? Just from getting to a certain level?

Geoff Level 5 Apr 3, 2018

Yep, Level 8!



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