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Recently moved to Plano, TX (north Texas region) and after just a week here I began to wonder “did I just move to the Bible Belt?” Then I googled B.B. map and several of the results exclude South Texas where I’m originally from. The difference is hard to miss. Help me Jebus! ?

MarlaPaine 6 Apr 3

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Welcome to Plano, @MarlaPaine! We moved here years ago to be with family and it wasn't always like this. In fact, the bible belt was northeast of us. I think North Texas is inundated with transplants from other states and they seem to have joined churches the way other people join country clubs. They need to meet people. Many don't have family here so this provides them with a faux family on holidays.

There are also a lot of people from other countries and I've noticed that their churches are more of a social community for others who speak their language. Church on Sunday lasts all day as they share meals, play games, etc.

Thank you Lauren for the warm welcome and feedback. Thinking about creating a meetup event for north Dallas/ Plano members. Do you know if anyone has successfully done this yet? I’m here because of family but they are VERY religious too so would love to meet some local like minded peeps.

That sounds great, Marla, and I'd be interested. I don't know that there's one set up yet, although I think there's one through, but I'd have to check.


Lived in South Carolina a short time when I was 18 the belt was tight there as well. Just did a lot of keeping to my self. I do have a friend from when I lived there he is a southern baptist, he respects my views we have been friends for over 30 years. Hope that you get so lucky.


You're smack dab in the thick of it!!!

Seems so ?


Have only attended sales meetings in Dallas, The Hills, and Temple Texas so I don't know the geography of the Bible Belt. Fellow members from Texas?


I could nderstand livign in Texas if you were born there, bu to make a move and willingly stay in Texas?

Then again, it wasn't until my late 40's that I figured out I felt most athome in the pacific Northwest, West of hte Cascades where everythign is green and forested.

BTW, Portland (OR) has the lowest church attendance of any major city in the U.S., or at least they are the most wiling to admit to not attendign church.

I’ve dreamt of living in OR for some time. My family is here in Texas and why I’m here now but hope to make that move someday soon.

@MarlaPaine I cn understand wanting to be close to family. I grew up in Los Angeles, but my family scattered to several different states. I currently live in the house of one of my sisters.


I am SO sorry! Done my time in hell, er, Texas.


I'm in Fort Worth. Welcome to the Bible Thumping part of the country!!


Texas is confusing to me, as far as that Bible Belt thing. Some parts seem, progressive and others more like, the 'Tea Party!' A person may need to have longer exposure to each to know how certain areas swing! Best of luck, if you are in Bible Belt...hopefully it isn't as backwards intelligently as it is here, in N. Ga!


Huh. Alice is not considered Bible Belt. I guess since it is predominantly Catholic.


It has been my experience Austin is the only place in Texas that it doesn't rear it's ugly head on a regular basis.

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