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This is embarassing, instead of saying what he will do for black voters, what he will do for the injustices that land them in jail, taking plea deals when innocent, what he will do about the police violence blacks are subject to and fear their children will be. I Or bother to ask him what he wanted him to do, nstead, like Trump, he doesnt take responsibilty. Holy shit! His response to this black man was dismissive, defensive and offensive telling him and blacks who voted for Trump they arent black if they don't vote for me. He showed off his white privelege and laclk of interest in what this man needed done for him and his community. He did not try to relate to this man and clearly was not interested in what he had to say and didnt ask for his vote. but instead insulted him should he dare to choose another candidate.. Biden showed no respect or humility about how the politicians have done little for the black and brown community. He was pompous, instead of inspiring this man to vote for him or me for that manner. Clearly Biden doesnt really know what rhappens when racist. His conversation with this man exemplifies racism in America. It was hard to pick a category to post, though I did look for "We're fucked!"

gigihein 8 May 22

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Apparently Biden apologised. Anyone have that recording please?

"I should not have been so cavalier," he said. "I've never, never, ever taken the African American community for granted." He added: "I shouldn't have been such a wise guy." He continued: "No-one should have to vote for any party based on their race, their religion, their background."

I don't see the word sorry in that apology. Only recognition that he said the wrong thing.

@RoboGraham poor thing 🤣🤣🤣


… he could have said all that one breath 😀

It was a soundbite ..get over it ~

Varn Level 8 May 23, 2020

There is the sound bite and there is the interview. I shared my opinion. .

@gigihein I hope your opinion keeps you on the straight & not-too narrow ~

@Varn I am not saying don't vote out Trump, just don't pretend he is going to change much.

@gigihein Allowing two Supreme Court Justices to be replaced by equivalents will be as serious as it gets.. And the only way to ‘vote out trump’ is a vote for Joe Biden; not voting for trump didn’t do it last time, and will do the same this time.

Right, let's just get over the fact that he arrogantly told an entire segment of society that if they don't vote for him, they lose their racial identity.

I almost can't believe that it's the democratic nominee who said these things. Almost.


You got that right. His entire message revolves around the conservative concept of returning to normalcy. He has made it abundantly clear that under his watch, no progress will be made.

..I think the gray dog needs let out to both pee & poop … it keeps nipping at my heels 😉


I've said it before on this site and I'll say it again, look for Biden to drop out in about two months-for a "personal health emergency" which we all know is his dementia-before the DNC replaces him at the convention with someone like Cuomo or Warren. So all the uproar over Biden's dementia, sexual assault history, and idiotic comments will be for nothing...

I do recall you saying this.

@gigihein Can't wait to find out in August if I am right about this..

@TomMcGiverin either can I


All Biden has going for him is Obama nostalgia and that he's not Trump. Those things were enough to get him the votes of older white voters and black voters in the Dem primaries until the virus shut down the primary race. Biden arrogantly thinks that blacks owe him their vote because of Obama nostalgia. I am still disgusted that so many blacks fell for the Obama nostalgia and voted for him in SC and on Super Tuesday, putting him in front before the virus ended the primary race and Bernie dropped out. We could have had Bernie as the nominee, a much better candidate, but the DNC, older white voters, and black voters picked Biden, so they're to blame, not me...


Well put. To be clear here, I do not support free-form Biden bashing. But Biden brought this critique on himself. It’s clear he’s running on a platform of “I’m not Trump.” Recent history informs this is a losing strategy. But fine. Let him then respond, “If you don’t support me you guarantee a second Trump term”. That’s the only argument that holds water.

The argument that Biden is better than Trump is, by itself, not enough of a reason to me for voting Biden, but it's about all he's got with white voters.

@TomMcGiverin Believe me when I say I am not saying that voting for Biden because he’s not Trump is a good reason to vote for him. All I’m saying is that would have aligned with his campaign message without being an overt racist d&@k.

@TomMcGiverin I agree with you. Anyone besides Trump


he is such a bad choice.. it's like the dems want to lose

I would rank him worst among the many we started with, but it continues the greedy polititikns who vote for their contributors interest, not the American people, the rich.

They don't want to lose, they just don't seem to have the desire to transform all that is fracked up. Green deal that is bold will lose oil money, higher minimum wage big corp money. lower interest rules on credit cards, financial institution money. They are addicted to their bribes and hence don't promise or don't keep their promises to the American people.

I don't think they want to lose but winning isn't all that important to them. They are satisfied enough with Trump. Biden's nomination had much more to do with keeping Sanders away from power than it does with a serious attempt to remove Trump from power.

@RoboGraham Inagree, him a.c nd those who follow him take in the c ok contributions. It's why I think NJ it's about keeping thing the status quo.

@RoboGraham Exactly. All the DNC cares about is keeping Bernie out of the White House.

@TomMcGiverin Seems like a sad reality


Does this mean that I ain't white if I don't vote for Trump?

If not, why is it that only black people lose their racial identity if they don't vote a certain way?


I don't care of Joe Biden stands in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoots somebody in the head, I'm voting for him.

Do you realize that statements such as this make you sound exactly like the crazy MAGA people?

@RoboGraham I realize. I said it metaphorically and jokingly but the most part it's true. I will vote for Joe Biden because he's running against Donald Trump. As for those of African descent who support Trump, Biden is right, they ain't black, they're Republican assholes, that's all..

@RoboGraham robo, yuou cannot recognize Excellent snarkism?


I suspected some sarcasm but still, this sentiment of bullheaded loyalty to a certain candidate in a certain party regardless what the candidate says and does is very reminiscent of the MAGA crowd.

@RoboGraham Go ahead vote for Trump or whoever you want to. I want to vote for Biden. Bullheaded? Whatever. I would love to see Trump leave office. He'll go kicking and screaming like a whining bitch. I'm loyal to anyone who can facilitate that.


I'd like to see the same thing but that doesn't mean that Trump's challenger gets a pass when he does and says ridiculous things just because he is opposing Trump.

In fact, doing things like arrogantly telling black people they ain't black if they don't vote for your way makes it less likely that Trump will be leaving office anytime soon.

@RoboGraham I don't claim to speak for other people. My black friends who I've spoken to about it are not appalled at all. Only white people are taken aback.


Many people are outraged about this. If it's mainly white people who are taken aback, that's even worse for his chances because there are a lot more white voters than there are black voters.

And by the way, there are many black people who are less than pleased about it as well.

I don't think he can win and he is not that similar to Trump
I want Trump out of office. but this might be the worst candidate I have seen to go against Trump. Charlamagne was respectful and stayed on topic, you are here because of the black vote, What are you going to do. He deflected. dff eff ended crime bill, and didnt take responsibility for it. Charlamagne was able to stay on point and not be distracted about a dismissive comment like your not black.....

@barjoe well if compared to all the egregious violence and inequalities in our country, they don't sweat the small stuff. To me white voters not appalled by the dismissive entitled attitude, are also.perpetuating racism.
I never said don't vote for him. I said he doesnt inspire in that interview that he cares to have dialogue with them about change.

You got my vote 😀


I actually agree with Biden 1000%! Why in the Hell would you vote for someone who obviously glories in treating you like crap, dismisses the Fact that people of color are dying of Covid in obscene amounts,consistently tries to prevent you from voting, does Nothing for Flint(mostly black) aaaannnddd etc.

Well said, Anne! I agree, Biden simply laid it out there, as to what in the hell is going on in this country and he's the type guy who does not "beat around the bush" on issues, but tells straight out the way he thinks/feels about issues! As Dems, we have to get over being butthurt about every gaf JB may make and come to realize that HE is the only sane choice we have if this democracy is to survive. If there is such a thing, we are headed toward a theocratic/dictatorship! 😟 Larry in western Kentucky

Biden treated him like crap. He did not say anything that would inspire Charlamagne to vote for him, he did not address the crime bill and its effect on the black and brown community. He was dismissive and argumentative. If you want black peoples vote and you are white, you need to ask and relate and open real tough dialogue and allow them to point out your and your peers failings. Biden and trump both can't seem to do that.

My problem is Bidens racism, or lack of understanding what racism is, and ability to relate or even feign to care about answering his question is not how we will get Trump.out. Trumps loud brazen nonrepentant racism, has really brought out how Racist our country is, but Biden is an example of how politicians have politely perpetuated racism with their actions and inactions. How do we not have a better candidate? And why does this keep happening. Because we will vote the lesser of two evils and still have the evils that exist.

C’mon, @AnneWimsey. For Biden to tell a black man pleading for something for the community to be told by a white man that he ain’t black if he doesn’t support Biden is dismissive and racist. Biden could’ve said anything else—“you’ll guarantee a second Trump term” for example. But “You ain’t black” illustrates Biden’s career record of ignoring the devastating impacts of policies Biden has supported that have made black lives worse—the crime bill, welfare reform, and bankruptcy bills to name three.

@Bobbyzen He has apologized.

@gigihein He has apologized.


Did he apologize for saying his crime bill had nothing to do with mass incarceration? No. Did he apologize for being dismissive of the concerns of black people with that comment? Well, sort of. But only because it got him in hot water. There was nothing heartfelt in his apology. He won’t change one policy idea to support the black community. Here’s the apology he was pressured into making:

”Mr Biden scrambled to make amends on a call later to black business leaders. "I should not have been so cavalier," he said. "I've never, never, ever taken the African American community for granted." He added: "I shouldn't have been such a wise guy." He continued: "No-one should have to vote for any party based on their race, their religion, their background."

@FearlessFly When someone fucks up they need to do a better job. His I was being a wiseguy was like Trumps locker room talk. Its excuses. Not sure he could put his ego aside to clean it up. He was bullyish on ca.paign trail when constituants asked hard questions, calling one guy a liar and challenging him ups with him. Just saying.

Solid. I’ve often wondered if there’s actually a faction of ‘outraged PC Whites’ … or a shitload of covert social media trolls being paid by the post. Of course you’d be a dipshit if you were Black - and didn’t vote Biden -- just as if you were an Atheist and didn’t vote for him. Good call ~

@Bobbyzen so let the guy go plead to drump........Really?


I'd say it's pretty reasonable for blacks to have reservations about voting for the guy who wrote the crime bill which caused mass incarceration and tore their communities apart.

There is much for African Americans to be suspicious about in relation to Biden. His cooperation with segregationists int he 70's, his lying about his participation in the civil rights protests, his lying about being arrested while visiting Madela, His continued support of the drug war, his weird comments about poor kids being as smart as white kids...

I know, I know, Trump is worse. That's always the go to argument when someone points out Biden's compromising flaws but still, how can we expect them to vote for such a leader? How can anybody vote for a guy like that?

@RoboGraham ummmm, since a vote for anybody but Biden is actually a vote for drump, ...........


I'm sorry Anne, that is some very flawed logic you are using.

@RoboGraham no, and history is full of examples, like, Ralph Nader, for example.


Is a vote vote for anybody but Trump actually a vote for Biden? Because that is the conclusion that people on the right are coming to by using that same flawed logic.


Are the 40% of potential voters who don't vote also voting for Trump?

Trump must have superpowers to be getting votes that aren't even votes for him.

@RoboGraham actually, yes! You are smart enough to see why he won in '16........


He won because the electoral college is weighted in favor of his party and because he used a populist message that was very appealing to members of the working class who felt left behind by the policies of the neoliberals.

It's not Jill Steins fault that Clinton lost. She failed to earn those votes. For most people who voted for Stein, they wouldn't have voted for Clinton even if Stein was not an option. If a politician fails to win trust and earn votes, that on the politician, not on the people who have standards for their leaders.


The left have been warning and warning... Every time he talks from now on... he'll open his mouth to change feet.

Ummmm, so you think persons of color should be embracing drump? Why, exactly?

@AnneWimsey odd conclusion, since the point is Biden should never have been given and did not deserve the position he is in. As a result I fear Trump will win. Biden's mental incapacity cannot be camouflaged and Trump will take advantage of it, despite the situation he is in at the moment. I would not take any notice of those polls. I read this week that many people will vote for Trump, and won't even admit it.

Strange, David … I don’t recall seeing you on that stage of contenders.. Or do you save all your ‘good stuff’ for here 😉

@Varn oh, the whole world and blind Freddy and his hearing impaired dog can see what's happened with your Democratic Party muscling in and giving Biden the nomination, seemingly oblivious to the fact that, phoney opinion polls aside, he most likely will not win. If by some miracle he does it would be by default, probably due as much to Republicans mobilization against Trump, and they are no friends of progressive Americans or their causes.


The whole world and blind Freddy and his hearing impaired dog can see what's happened with the Democratic Party but Blue MAGA folks like Varn here are totally oblivious.

@David1955, @RoboGraham You’ve the gall to discount many millions of voters decision to choose Joe Biden to stand against trump..? No doubt, those who’ve earned their standing in the party ranks helped talk Biden into running, but they weren’t inside those booths with guns to anyone’s head.

For the sad detractors (robotroll included) who ‘already know Biden won’t win’ -- are you in such serious need to fulfill your sorry prophecy that you’re willing to help trump & friends attack their biggest fear? You’ve nothing to add but comfort & aid to the enemy. Pathetic.


It's not my fault that we have such a disaster of a candidate. I didn't vote for him.

@RoboGraham You don’t listen ..or understand all that well, do you… I’ll ask anyway, where were you? How many candidates ran for the Democratic presidential nomination … and you were hiding ..where? Here, behind a cartoon icon 😉

No, you weren’t on stage. But of those who were, one was chosen by my nation’s best. Now backed by those who’d stood against him - in what should be a united effort to remove the worst ‘president’ in US history -- a handful of flakes haven’t the strength to join? Not surprising.. But not what’s needed in truly the most important Presidential election of our lifetimes.


Hiding? And what are you doing? Hiding behind a picture of your hand?

Yeah, you and the "Best" go and take on trump. I wish you the best of luck.


I told my mom that it doesn't matter if Biden or Trump is President. They're both different sides of the same coin. She's not a fan of Biden, but she wants him over Trump. I convinced my mom that it doesn't matter in the slightest. I'm scared for our bleak future.

Don't feel alone. Apartheid was an evil that MUST NEVER be repeated.
...BUT we're over 25yr into democracy and I'm still in the middle even though a South African citizen. I'm basically NOTHING!!! WAS AND STILL IS. I exist here.

@TimeOutForMe and this is "apartheid" how? By stating what is actually going on? Biden is 1000% Correct here!

@AnneWimsey did not say "apartheid" there!

@dani2382 @TimeOutForMe To say Biden's no different than Trump is like saying Mandela was no different than FW deKlerk. Completely absurd. Listen to your mother

@barjoe perhaps I should have expressed myself a little bit more clearly. In my case (here in SA) it's always going to be about black or white here in SA. Me being born here, so have my parents and there parents have no bearing regarding my rights here. Mixed race (coloureds as they say here) and Indians are in the middle of it all. Meaning we have less access or no access regardless that we're South Africans citizens. I'll give you an eg we have a covid-19 relief fund due to income loss. That fund is only for black businesses BBB-EE not coloured or Indian. Whites are obviously mostly ok here from yesteryear and remain so.
That's what I meant by me being "in the middle" regardless.
...and rightfully so that blacks need to climb socially, exceed and excel and get to the top and that is happening, and this is great this is happening and should happen because for hundreds of years they were excluded (along with me) and I stood firmly for their rights and mine.
...but why exclude me!? along with others that are not totally black!? This my point.
Both sides of same coin = govt either black or white, same policies, leaving me in the middle.

It is bleak

@TimeOutForMe what.......Just above, I quoted you!

@barjoe You're comparing Biden to Mandela? Is that what's happening here?

@dani2382 I was comparing Trump to FW deKlerk. Mr deKlerk was a better guy believe it or not. To say Biden is no better than Trump is to say Mandela was no better than deKlerk. That what's happening here.

Anyone incapable of distinguishing the massive difference between our parties frankly shouldn't vote - no matter what color ~

@Varn Voting based on party only is something that I will never do.

@dani2382 Too bad it’s come to that, but it has.. I’ve watched it happen, very painful. But one party represents the people - the other represents wealth.

What I’ve also noticed are folks feeling compelled to ‘share their vote,’ thus ‘explain to others’ for who and why they voted. You don’t have to, and it's likely wisest to keep it to oneself.

I don’t, but as part of a forever suppressed minority, have felt it not only necessary to stay involved with politics, but advocate for those willing to at least tolerate Atheists.


Both parties represent wealth. Neither represents the people.

@RoboGraham Sad, sorry ..and wrong to the end, hungh Robotroll 😟


Yes, it is pretty sad that neither party represents the people. Wrong as always, hungh VainVarn

@RoboGraham ..and you ‘represent’ who, or what, robotroll..? As far as The People, those having voted in the Democratic Primary have spoken -- so have the Democratic Candidates. But that’s not good enough for you? Your desires weren’t fulfilled what, kill the rest of us? You are truly pathetic


How is it that Biden winning the primary = the Democratic party represents the interest of the people?

@RoboGraham ...full of questions but incapable of processing or accepting answers.. Can’t help 🙂


Those in need of help themselves are often not in the best position to offer it.

It's like when there is an emergency on a airplane, get your own oxygen mask securely attached to your face before you go attempting to assist others.

@RoboGraham ...then why do you keep giving bad advice..? Fix your own boat, I’d likely help, but don’t take the rest of us down with you 😕


I'm not the one constantly concern trolling, that's you.

I'm just expressing my opinion, same as everyone else here.

@Varn I think it's patriotic and American to share your vote with others. Even in caucuses they share their vote. I think that if you can't handle the heat or share your opinions in a respectful way, that's when it should be kept to yourself.

Both Democrats and Republicans represent wealth. And it will stay that way until we pass an amendment to keep money out of politics.


So true and to get that amendment, we will need to circumvent both the democratic and republican parties because both are thoroughly corrupted by it.

You are correct about Biden but it DOES matter. With Biden you get a whole new cabinet administration and that means everything. We might have a Secretary of Education who actually knew something about education. Trump brought in his "very best people" and most of them are trying to un-do the EPA and other agencies that we really do need. Everyone deserves clean air and water, food and healthcare. This is a small part in why it matters.

@dani2382 As long as you don’t keep from voting because you don’t feel you can defend the candidate you voted for, speak up. I do.

But if you cannot distinguish which of our two parties looks out for those with the least ...this nation will not be able to count on your advice or vote. It’s a fact that Blacks sat on their hands in 2016, I wonder how that’s been working… This year, they put Biden on top, and I will be ‘voting with them’ ~

@DenoPenno That's actually an argument that I can't argue against.

@Varn I live in California. The state will be blue with or without my vote. People in swing states should be worried about the vote.

The thing with the way black people vote, is they vote from their heart and a place of familiarity instead of what is the most logical for their circumstance. It's definitely not their fault that a lot of low income people have bills to pay and don't have time to absorb the correct media that's on the internet, or may not even have access to the internet, so they only get what's on the local news or MSNBC or CNN. It is the media's fault that we're in this situation. Pretty sure if they got the correct news they would have voted for Bernie in an instant without hesitation.

@dani2382 I miss the Left Coast… But where’s the challenge 😉 I’m also impressed that Blacks backed Biden, it’s like they knew or felt something those closer to power didn’t.. Everyone knew about Bernie, he was the only returning candidate from 2016. Biden will not forget those who put him over the top - no matter who says what.


Be sure to post when Trump apologizes for ANY nonsense he propagates. 😮😛

That's some splendid whataboutism.

@RoboGraham so, you think Biden is wrong with this statement? And that black people will not nod their heads in agreement?


Of course he's wrong, you can't change your race by voting a certain way.

I don't know what black people will do. Being a non-black myself, I can't speak for them but I can imagine that if I were one of them and someone told me I'm not what I am because they don't like the way I vote, I wouldn't take kindly to that attitude.

@RoboGraham ummm, what? "You cannot change your race by voting a certain way" someone suggesting that? Or simply that for people of color, drump is NOT a good choice?


He said they aren't black if they choose Trump over him so yes he is suggesting that their race is changed if they vote a certain way.

Trump isn't good for any people of any color. Why didn't he say that white people aren't white if they vote for Trump over him?

It's crystal clear to me that black people will vote Biden. Maybe not so much younger black people, but older black people are set in their ways and will definitely vote Biden over Trump by an overwhelming amount. Older black people are more likely to vote over younger black people.

Exactly.. The thing is, this PC lynch mob only goes after easy targets; they haven’t the guts, intelligence or integrity to take on the Big Boys. So it’s up to the rest of us, the Adults in the room hold their hands.. even do their chores for them 😕

@RoboGraham I agree, I was not thinking about that. I was/am annoyed by the one-sidedness of the post/comments and the obvious lack of apologies from Trump.

I am typically not shy about 'calling-out' others, I hope others/you will call me out also.


Yes, we have to critique each other.


Our choices are frightening. The current political arena is a circus. Unfortunately we as a country will be decades recovering from this.

Unity Level 7 May 23, 2020

If we recover at all

How about if you actually read this statement of Fact?

Are you going to vacuum while under your bed.. 😉

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