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How far would you go with zero tolerance for lying?

It is an accepted popular belief that both US and UK have leaders who got their positions by being economical with the truth. Other perspectives exist in these matters.

I also believe that New York has recently been through an improvement in the effective control of crime by advertising widely “ Zero Tolerance ”.

How far would you go in getting the approval of your fellow citizens for “ zero tolerance of lying by politicians ” ? Secondly, how far would you go in altering public policies by setting an example and not lying yourself?

Mcflewster 8 May 29

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As opposed to the wanker you have who lies about everything, our wankers are generally a bit smarter and they generally avoid lies because they never say anything. That doesn't mean they don't lie, just that most.of the time it's impossible to get a definitive statement out of them that could be defined as either truth or lie. So liars or not doesn't really define the problem and the most insidious lie can be the truth said in such a way as to deceive.


Too many times of lying to myself, lying for convience, or just plumb ignorance, to hold a harsh judgement. So much depends on motivation, how much harm is done. Other than calling it out, not supporting, and trying to not set that example. I'm just not sure of "how far"

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