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White supremicist groups have been urging members to loot businesses in Minnesota!!!! WTF!!!!!

sassygirl3869 9 May 31

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#ArtOfTheDeal , one glance at this book and you would know that trump has been hiring #ControlledOpposition actors from the start.

It is a #PsyOP and we are losing because audiences are too stupid to think critically.


I've been looking for photos showing the damage to the Precinct 3 police station in Minneapolis, after the fire. The only photo claiming to be a document of the damage is on Breitbart, and it isn't the police building. Little green men ? Naaah just right-wing militia dudes, setting us up with a false-flag op.

TO_BY Level 7 May 31, 2020

OOPS! THAT PAGE CAN’T BE FOUND ... message when I click on the link ....

Me too



It's been happening here in Detroit, too. It's all about taking advantage and discrediting the movement and it's BS!


I'm really not surprised, they just want to add to the chaos.

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