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Tulsa, Oklahoma begs Trump to cancel his rally Saturday or at least move it outside. Agree/Disagree??? Are Tulsa's numbers going to skyrocket? Will rally goers spread it to other states???

sassygirl3869 9 June 17

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Didn't help those poor cadets.......


Yes... Yes...


"Well, do you feel lucky punk ?" It's like a huge game of 'chicken' showing how completely unafraid you can be while flipping off medical statistics. Not a super-horrible death, but daunting. And the payoff ? You get to keep being a fascist.

TO_BY Level 7 June 18, 2020

Of course

bobwjr Level 9 June 17, 2020

Inside please, I hear fifty thousand people can get into that place, out more. They all can be free to not wear masks, sneeze on each other, The virus is a fake think. You guys all have the right to go and listen to the show, please go.

And be sure to throw Huge parties when you get home, right away....share the glory!

@AnneWimsey Hope they all go to church the next day.


Aside from the innocents that could be infected by the morons, I'm all for Drumpf fans getting together and sharing the wealth of germs. With a little luck they will all get COVID and give it to Bunker Boy.

Maybe they will get infected and be too sick to vote...

@Cutiebeauty Therein lies the disadvantage of vote by mail... But of course Republicans don't believe in that.


As long as it stays out that way, and it is primarily Trump supporters, let them do their thing. The law of natural selection will do its thing.

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