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Then & now,...thoughts?

phxbillcee 9 Apr 6

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Only problem I see is the captions... one call them "women".... the other are "school girls". So the students are in uniform. A uniform is a Uniform is a UNIFORM. My Thought.

I betcha the uniforms are different now!


Intimidation works.


Wow big difference in facial expressions - body language. Sad.


Most people today don't know how the middle east looked before the 80s/90s. It's a warning about unchecked religious power in government (aka Cruz or pence if they had their way)


Or "gal" as the case may be.

Torq Level 5 Apr 6, 2018

Always loved this photo! Wonder how long he lasted, tho.

@phxbillcee []


sad face here! the phot above makes everyone origial to themselves the one below is sad to look at for me!


I think of this every time some asshat says "women in America have it good. There's no sexism here". I know damn well this kind of thing is waiting right under the suface and it wouldn't take much for us to go full "handmaids tale".

most men would love a woman to be their bitches and serve them.

Though well made and acted, I only watched a couple of episodes of handmaids tale. Just too unsettling to watch. Of all the dystopian futures projected, a high tech new religious dark age is the worst for me, probably because huge numbers of right wing religious Christian crazies would like nothing better, with God everywhere and women on a leash.

@David1955 yeah dude. It's a book too

@Blindbird Yeah, just re-read it. "Nolite te bastardes carborundorum!" For all of us!


Careful, you'll all be descended upon by a horde of Regressive Left folk accusing you to being prejudiced against culture and religion, which is very, very, very bad, they say.

Fortunately, while a far left person myself, I don't concern myself with the Regressive Left, taking my cue from Dawkins and Harris in that sense.

How can such practices as above be in the 21st Century?

Because what year it is as a reason why things should be different has boggled minds for melenia. “0h, there have been technical advancements, but how little man himself has changed“. -Kahn, Star Trek

@ArdentAtheist I wish I could like this multiple times for quoting Kahn


It's a shame that men hold women responsible for their lack of ability to control themselves.

I have another image of middle eastern women in the 70's dressed just like American and European women somewhere... Just can't find it at the moment.

Seems a bit prejudicial to blame men entirely for this. The women are complicit in their own oppression in this case, it seems to me.

Before we get to indoctrination, I'll note that the very same argument can be applied to men.

As a feminist I take some issue with characterizing women as weak, ineffectual playthings guided solely by the whims of men.


I agree to some extent but when their options were comply, get beaten or worse... And these statues were created and enforced by men.

Now they are, as you have pointed out, indoctrinated into this lifestyle. Men and women alike.

I would never characterize women as such. In some ways they are stronger and more resilient than men.

While that's certainly true of some women in comparison to some men, I think we should endeavour to shy away from generalizations regarding such diverse and subjective prooerties as "strength" and "resilience".

I've just realized I'm being a bit nit-picky here and I apologize for that. Equality is important to me and language plays a big role in that, so I tend towards the pedantic.

It's my opinion that the solution to these problems are not best served by the allocation of blame, but rather by analyses of reasons. What that means is examining the role ALL of us have played in creating the problem.

That said, I do understand the gist of your point and don't disagree with that.


I was only responding in reference to your "weak, ineffectual playthings" statement and meant no harm. Trust me, I date many types of women and black women, especially, do not appreciate being called "strong" and "self-supportive" as compliments. I choose my words wisely.

And I agree that we are on the same page about a lot if this. The written word can be read with emotion and inflection that is not the writer's intent. Nothing wrong with being pedantic. Much like skeptical, it's all about proper analysis.


Iran was a relatively progressive country prior to the revolution. 😟


Has to do with the Shah, we put these tyrants in charge then watch it blow up in our faces.

I’m not American... I didn’t want to point out the link. ?

I suspect nearly every despot in the last 100 years can be traced back to a western power meddling in places they shouldn’t be.


I thought they were nuns


They look like a herd of penguins.

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