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What's the nicest thing you ever did to help someone and it ended up biting you in the butt?

ebdb 7 Apr 8

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Can't pick one, nice guys finish last. People are ...............


Caring for a bloke with gangrene in his heel.


All I can say is to never help a family member, they will walk all over you and then tell you what a pos you are.


I borrowed a pickup truck, and bought a bunch of second hand furniture for a family in need - one of the daughters just had a baby. After unloading everything, the mother "put in her order" for a bunch more furniture they would like to have in addition to what I bought for them.

I was a young man at the time, so while I drove away shaking my head, it hit me what "welfare mentality" meant: entitled neediness with no gratitude.


Took in one of my grandchildren and was going to adopt her. I almost lost my adopted daughter because of it.


Took in a "friend" who was pregnant, and had no place to live.
The whole thing was a disaster.


Let family/former home health aide, her boyfriend and their 5 yr old daughter and pit bull move in the downstairs of my house at reasonable rent. They took advantage of me for free babysitting, missed rent and trashed the place. Left without their stuff runing from DCYF and showed up with a trailer 3 months later as I was about to donate their stuff to charity. Oh I also got her a job driving a handicapped van with the owner of the company. Loved the dog-miss her


Lending people money.


Arounfd 15 years ago a young woman who my wife and I worked with was evicted from her apartment. We felt sorry for her and offered her to live in our home free of charge. She lived in the rec room. She stayed for two months until she could find a place to live. The only thing was she had a cat. The cat pissed on everything and we ended up needing to get new furniture and take out the carpet. This cost us a couple thousand dollars. The woman never paid us anythibng. If you take someone into your home don't let them bring their pets. Remember the saying "No good deed goes unpunished."

ebdb Level 7 Apr 8, 2018

Pretty much the same situation happened to me allowing a coworker and his son to stay at my home until they could fine a place. He never attempted to find a place and ended up having to force him out and it ended out friendship.

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