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Christian Host says to avoid smart women since you have to consider their sexual needs : []

MissKathleen 9 Sep 2

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It must have been hard for him to find a woman who was less intelligent than he is.


Smart women don't want to waste their time faking enjoyment in the bedroom, they want the real thing.

And women should get what satisfies their desires.

@MissKathleen great point. As far as the bed goes there are many ways to please each other in bed as long as both parties are cool with.

@MissKathleen I just meant real enjoyment. 🙂


Wow! I consider their needs independently of their intelligence.

No kidding right!

They have no intelligence.

@SeaRay215ex: Says the "spiritual freethinker". Talk about an oxymoron. haha
oxymoron: placing two contradictory words side by side


I would definitely want to be avoided by him.


Where do you start? Who gives air time to fools like this? Maybe he's got a tiny tiny little dick.

Maybe it got sucked off!! Lol

@SeaRay215ex Not likely by a woman.

@MissKathleen Very well said!


Religions in general seem to have a vested interest in keeping women down. I think they have it exactly backwards.

@MissKathleen I'm biased toward getting more women into higher political positions. I don't want to start a debate about that topic because there are too many pro's and con's to it. But in most cases, I'll lean toward supporting the female candidate.

@MissKathleen Yes, I like that.


Idiot, smart women are the best lovers



Not marrying sounds like a good plan, perhaps the congregation should all get castrated too, you know, just to be safe 😂

They can have all the stupid women they want. Just leave me some smart women.

@Fred_Snerd “Gimme a smart woman with a beer in her hand/one who writes books while she’s gettin’ a tan/she rocks a bikini, ain’t afraid to take a stand/I want a smart woman to make me her man”


I’d say shove it, Peterson. Just another sexually insecure Christian, in my opinion. I’m 100% sapiosexual.


So I've been going at it all wrong. No wonder I've been struggling.🤣. This is seriously sad tho.

I think it is living in Yuma.

@MissKathleen I doubt it. Relationships a hard as hell. People are crazy in general


Some of these people are literally living in another reality.

A very strange one that they'd love to force on everyone else.

They want to drag moral standards back to the 40s or 50s, which they’ll never be able to accomplish. So all they do is complain about how “everyone else is messed up and immoral” while thinking that they are the only ones who are. Not so.


Of course, they want one that thinks that the man is their god, that they should always submit without question, in short, they want one that will allow them to do what they want without any fuss, dictatorship of the relationship. So the guy can pretend to follow some great dictator in the sky, and expect his wife to see him as the great dictator. Great recipe for a fucked up, dysfunctional relationship.


Sounds like this guy would love to live in the fictional country of Gilead from Handmaid's Tale.

dkp93 Level 7 Sep 2, 2020

Yes. Guys like this, of course, imagine themselves as Commanders in that story, or at least Guardians. They do not imagine themselves among the peasants - though statistically, the latter is more likely.

@AmyTheBruce LOL! You are so right!


Damn, he broke the Bro code, dumb chicks are not supposed to know about this shit.😠😠😠😠😣😣


A smart woman won't even consider a relationship with any of his dumb followers.


I swear the reasoning and words that come out of the mouths of people like this make me want to hit my head on a wall so bad. Why are there not people holding them to task to demonstrate how and where they got to these conclusions. To show them how irrational they are and honesty, pulling shit out of their butts.


The mind is the best sex organ.

Glad I'm intelligent enough to reject religious guys.

"I'm an atheist," I clarify on dating sites.


What a flaming asshole. What a truly lousy, moronic attitude.


Methinks if he had a partner and she said lets add toys in the bedroom,this would be a problem. He would want total control over her unhappy sex life. Also he is a religious dumbass.


Smart Idea....Christian men are repressed enough!


I don’t have much to add here...seeing that I’ve arrived late to the party as I was away enjoying myself on holiday! I do note thought that this moron is not against having sex with educated women per se...only secularly educated women, so presumably it’s religiously educated women he prefers to bed. The ones who have been brainwashed to believe that their only purpose in life is to fulfil every whim and desire of the man who has chosen to honour her and make her feel blessed to be chosen to receive said munificence, his sexual attentions! That is...when she’s not spending the rest of her time cooking, cleaning and making sure his life is just plain cushy and with never a critical thought in her head that this is just plain and simple exploitation and misogynist bullshit! This is what I call a sad sicko male loser’s wet dream, and am sorry to think that there actually are women out there who have been conditioned by their upbringings to accept this as their lot in life.


Just looked up some information on Jesse Lee Peterson.

71 years old and has a net worth of 150,000 Euro.
Denied access to his son after he split up with his Ex.
Dropped out of College after 1 year.

OK Ladies....are you ready for Jesse Lee Peterson...what a catch. LMAO


Guessing he called the segment, "I'm an incel, you should be, too."


Don't tell him, but I think he as a kink for being a Dom, and a bad one at that.

50 shades of grey is not real bdsm. You ask anyone that practices safe consensual sane BDSM they will tell you the same. That book and movie are literally domestic violence and various forms of abuse. Basically an abusive relationship.

@demifeministgal Absolutely correct!

@demifeministgal, @Fred_Snerd You’re misinformed. Consent is key in the BDSM community. Nothing happens that isn’t discussed and agreed to in advance, including safe words that immediately stop the play. Clearly not your thing, and that’s fine, but consenting adults have a right to do whatever floats their boats and doesn’t infringe on others.

@Fred_Snerd And mine are based on being a PhD sexuality counselor and educator with training in alternative sexualities, so we come at this topic from different perspectives.

@UUNJ I am not misinformed. She never actually signs the contract or agrees to anything in the first book. She just kind of gets lost in the passion and heat of the moment and goes with the flow. If you think that piece of garbage 50 shades is representative of a true BDSM relationship, then you have no clue what you are talking about. Talk to your fellow kink community members and see how wrong you are.

@demifeministgal I agree with you and hated 50 Shades! The author clearly knew nothing of how BDSM works. I never said I endorsed the book. Ugh. I have grave concerns about people diving into power play based on the books and movies.

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