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"Socialism is a word they have hurled at every advance that people have made in the last 20 years

Socialism us what they have called public power.
Socialism is what they called call social security.
Socialism is what they called farm price supports.
Socialism is that they called bank deposit insurance.
Socialism is what they called free and independent labor unions.
Social is their name for ANYTHING that helps ALL of the people. "


And, it is even more true today. Choke on that, Republicans and the rabid right!!

wordywalt 8 Sep 5

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Not even democracy makes socialism respectable.

Sharing is not caring.


I live in a senior condo in FL, yesterday I received a mass mailing from the republican party of Florida supporting of course the traitor trump, showing Biden, Harris and Bernie and AOC, trying to scare people with the use of socialism and how radicals are influencing the moderate dems. All residents got one. Scare tactics work on some of the elderly, but I was pleasantly surprised when a neighbor opened her mailbox and commented sarcastically "yes, who the fuck wants free medicine, free college and an environment where we all can live, right?"


Look it's just the manifestation of the human need to have "A" answer of some kind.
It doesn't matter if it's inaccurate.
Consider all the anal bleeding caused by the recategorization of the "planet" Pluto to "dwarf planet", like why would anyone care? Pluto is what Pluto is regardless of what we call it and no one is going in the foreseeable future, so why all the emotion?
It's really simple, humans don't like the rules to change, EVER.
As it turns out the only actual authority any of us accepts is our own, and Pluto not being a planet challenges that concept for people that feel they already know "enough" about the planets and would prefer not to ever give it a second thought again, so now they're pissy about it.
Socialism = Bad is as true as Pluto = planet.

@MissKathleen True, but many politicians since Eisenhower built their careers on abusing socialism.
To be clear what passes as the conservative movement is a loose fusion of religion and the notion that some people are privileged and others are not and should not be privileged, in fact they appear to believe equal rights is immoral and has to be fought. It's not even a complete philosophy so much as the "Hell no we can't!" to any hint that "Yes we can!"
Democratic Socialism however is a fully thought out logical systematic way to better government and the key to increased standard of living for everyone. It's just scary to rich people because they're selfish pigs. The funny part is it's the poor people that keep having all this sympathy for the well to do, the rich just smugly let's stupid people believe it since it profits them.


Of course you do realize that they are brainwashed to believe that socialism is related to Russian communism, and ignore the realty of socialism and it's real purpose in our society and civilization.
Capitalism is good and is needed for a healthy and stable economy, but only in moderation.


Trouble is both candidates are against advancing socialism.

not exactly

Many of us want a measured advance into more socialism. Most notably right now: healthcare for all.




Yeah, it blows my mind how people are so worried about socialism. Another failure of American schools.

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