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The divine power of Morgan Freeman.

Willow_Wisp 8 Sep 15

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This is great!!!! Laughing hard here.


This absolutely one if their best True Facts..❤❤❤🤣🤣🤣


In aussie with have a name for people like morgan freeman. We call them lamingtons. A lamington is a chocolate coated vanilla cake, black on the outside and white on the inside.

And in America we have a word for people like you, it's Asshole..

@Charlene So nice you are with such an unimaginative vocabulary. What would you call a black man who says that there is no black prejudice in america, blind perhaps?

@Cyklone nah I'd call him an Asshole as well..

@Charlene perhaps if I'd used an american colloquialism, Uncle Tom, maybe? Interesting that your response to something you don't like is to insult the person saying it. Almost as if I'd cast doubt upon your religion.

Or coconut, I find them both offensive in their insinuation that all white people are the same. What a complicated subject you have begun. I went in a date with a self confessed coconut, in the UK, it was uncomfortable, there was no second date.
I’m probably an almond myself 😉

@girlwithsmiles I work with an aboriginal elder, that is a person accepted by them as an authority. The name "coconut" is her and other aboriginal's label for aboriginals who are assimilated into white culture. It's meant to be descriptive, not derogatory, or not very. They have much worse ones for that.

@Cyklone so a derogatory descriptive placed upon Aborigines by Whites as a descriptive isn't racist? How very White of you..

@Charlene Can you not read? Switch off the knee jerk and engage understanding. Why don't you reread what I've said. It's an aboriginal nickname for another aboriginal.

@Charlene it’s an Aboriginal term, it was an Aboriginal woman who told me about it too.
It’s hardly offensive if a white person says you have brown skin but are white on the inside, i.e. only care about money, when they are white themselves.

@Cyklone yes, i was introduced to the term when working in the Isa with Recognised Entities, I should think the lady in question was also an Elder.

@girlwithsmiles wow, you were in the back of beyond. 🙂 How do you live in UK after that? Every time I've been there I've felt claustrophobic because there's no place where you can look around without seeing signs of people.

@Cyklone you just have to know the right places. In my late teens i used to love taking people up too the Yorkshire moors, which i knew like the back of my hand, and pretend I was lost 😂 it never failed to get a reaction. But it doesn’t really compare to taking people over Moreton Island with a map and compass, i loved doing the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards over there 😊 can’t complain. The first time we saw whales on the far side too.

@girlwithsmiles lovely 🙂 My favourite activity was to spend a couple of weeks hiking through the wilds of tassie. Nothing but what you take with you, plenty of water available but the nearest people 100km away. Last time was a year ago but I tore a muscle a day in and had to hobble out.

@Cyklone sounds great apart from the torn muscle.

@girlwithsmiles It was a long painful walk back. At least it happened at the end of the first day, not when I was further in. My only option then would have been to set up camp for several days and wait for it to heal.

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