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Is Funerals Homes Business Soaring Due to Covid-19 Pandemic?

It is not this article says..
For U.S. funeral homes, coronavirus is not doing great business.... []funeral-homes-coronavirus-is-not-great-business-idUKL1N2BG2LJ

  1. Funeral homes were struggling to cope with changing tastes. Now, expensive caskets, flowers and cemetery plots look even less appealing than lower-cost options or cremation
  2. Funeral homes and mortuaries are limiting contact with customers
  3. The state of Washington has outright banned funerals
  4. Shares of the largest U.S. funeral-related companies have tumbled along with Wall Street. Service Corporation International, which operates over 1,900 funeral homes and cemeteries, has dropped almost 30% from a March 4 record
  5. Funeral homes in California, one of several states where people have been ordered to stay indoors, have limited the options they offer and are restricting the number of family members who may gather, even at outdoor graveside ceremonies
  6. The $18 billion industry is not prospering but is suffering because of more work and no pre-need product sales where they make most money.

I am glad I will go up in smoke with less than $100 expenses for whoever remains still loving me. The average funeral cost alone before burial is about $9,000.

St-Sinner 9 Sep 22

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Though it may sound quite 'trite' here, Death and Funerals are a a dying business in that everyone is dying at some time or another to try them.
Unfortunately, you are DEAD and as such you never get the opportunity to actually decide whether or not the experience was worth it or not.


There's lots of free cremation options on the West Coast right now...

Meanwhile I'm hoping I'll get composted when my time is up. That or fish food.


Never thought I'd live to learn about funerals being banned as they are in Washington.

It seems obvious to me that funerals are not banned, gatherings at funerals are banned.

@jlynn37 My comment reflects what I believe to be the intent of the writer of the article," The state of Washington, the early epicenter of the U.S. outbreak, has outright banned funerals." Noel Randewich

"....gatherings at funerals are banned."
In my opinion, this is implied, and need not be expressed.

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