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Watching Cosmos: Possible Worlds. New show on Fox hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. I like it. It embraces secularism. I recommend it.

barjoe 9 Sep 22

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Excellent show, can't wait for the next episode.


It's a great show and one of my favorites. And glad FOX finally picked this season up. It's actually a repete. This whole season aired a while back in March on National Geographic. Either way this third installment was good stuff. This is kind of the thing that should be aired in schools. JMHO.


I watched last night and liked it very much!


Thanks. Although I try to stay away from Fox.

I will be watching Fox for this, I also watch Big Bang Theory on this channel. If there is something interesting I will watch it but forget any news or like subjects.

@dalefvictor i don't, will probably watch in hulu or any streaming channel that shows it, i don't want to give fox any part of my attention


I watch NOTHING associated with the fascist network, nor their online fascist presence called Facebook.

Cosmos is amazing, it is about science and not politics. Don't let politic polarization keep you out of science...

@Pedrohbds No I simply will not watch any form of Fox network.
Cosmos is fine, but if Cosmos is on Fox screw them. If you watch Fox, then screw you.


@Pedrohbds It's called a boycott, Fox News is not a safe product to consume.
Fox News may cause dismissive arrogance and Dunning–Kruger assumptions about the intellect of your fellow very clever apes.
Go ahead, go drink your cool aid.

You don't need to. The for airing is a repete of what was aired back in march, on National Geographic. I'll wager that you can still find it there.
Also. I get your disdain about FOX, I have it as well. But in truth, this show, and last season has not one inch of political or otherwise BS that FOX puts out. If you like Science and understanding the universe, should it matter what channel it's on.
But like I said, I'm sure you can see it on National Geographic.

@TristanNuvo Yes it matters what channel you watch it on.
Networks lose money when people don't watch their advertising.

Well. Like I said It also aired on National Geographic.


We must be making some progress. I could not believe science was being featured on Pox Spews. Ah but I live long enough to see the damage to science being undone.

Fox Entertainment, Fox Sports and then there's Fox News. I separate Fox affiliates from Fox News Channel.

@barjoe I don't.


Plan to pick it up if/when it makes it to 4k blu-ray. Have screened it's predecessor blu-ray "Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey" for a few different groups. It is lovely on the big screen and the sound is fantastic.


It almost has a feel of being anti x-ian to a point.

For this political climate it's groundbreaking

Science vs doctrine. The Vatican employs scientists trying to figure out how their god works via science. Almost seems as an oxymoron. Somewhat similar to Conservationist Atheist group here. Quizzzzzled.

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