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Extracted from "The Perfumed Garden", a 600 year old, Arabic book on sex.

A man worthy of praise can easily get an erection, he is not quick to discharge and, once he has lost his sperm, his member is soon stiff again. His member is long enough to reach the end of his partner's vagina and large enough to fill it. A man whose penis is too small cannot please women.

Petter 9 Oct 5

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Bad lovers those Arabics.


It certainly is one size does not please ,all variety required until you find the right one

A potent argument in favour of multiple pre-marital sex partners.

Sure is


And yet, many women have very pleasant, satisfying sex with people who don't even have penises.

Jnei Level 8 Oct 5, 2020

Lesbians for a start, of course, but others too.

@Petter That was my point.


Human sexuality is never that simple no matter what "that" is. Some women like really deep penetration (A- spot) but even then you can get the wrong angle and hit something more tender and hurt them. A lot of women don't orgasm through penetration period

I know. Penetration is a final act, not the 'be all and end all" of most porn rnovies.
The considerate lover will strive to crrate an orgasm before then.


Mostly true but there's always different strokes for different folks.


It ain't the meat, it's the motion..

Like a Foxtrot. Slow, slow, guick, guick, slow? The "dance of passion."

Love the piece you said about the motion


That is a cool passage.
However, the length is not as critical as the width - pencil style definitely does not please anyone.

... including the man, who probably doesn't know whether he's inside if it doesn't touch the sides!

@Petter Exactly. The guy should learn how to move around.
Like @hippiechick58 , the size and shape is worth nothing if a man does not know how to use it.


Any women who have the opposite problem, where a man's penis is too long or too fat? I've met some, although most do not.


However, even with a larger penis some men cannot please women.

Bitter experience? 🤣

@Petter Yup, over 20 years of marriage.

@HippieChick58 How damned frustrating. 😪

@Petter and a part of why I'm no longer married.

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