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In a recent Veritas expose, claims, that the left call whole heartedtly false, involve ballot harvesting. The question I wonder, considering the recent news in Minneapolis that involve outside, international forces meant to disrupt that have been tied back to original George Floyd mass protests/unrest, is the Somalia American community there at risk for manipulation? As immigrants, how vulnerable are they? And in my search, I am taken aback.

It really does appear there is a serious vulnerability. Additionally, comments online seem to underscore a community presence of those who seek to take and have others commit for their purposes. Ringleaders. And the local government talked about defunding police recently? What a horribly, abusive tactic! Another story involves young men going missing years ago. FBI involvec. Why would local government act in such a manner that displayed a complete disregard for the community pain that would likely still be felt years later of young men gone missing?

Also side note is the dollar figure quoted above $0,000,000 in article. The total Somalia American population is 200,000 in MN. Childcare reimbursements rate for a week appear to be at most $0. That $0M number must be wrong or idea of the main being childcare.

Flowerwall 7 Oct 8

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You said "And the local government talked about defunding police recently?"
So you have your head all together too far up your echo chamber ass.
Fox, aka fascist News lies to you.
No one wants to defund the police, maybe stop giving them military war equipment..
Maybe have mental health professionals show up instead of police for obvious reasons.
Only a brain washed Trump moron believes anyone is in favor of disbanding the police.
Please think a little before posting such bullshit.

"The Minneapolis City Council on Friday unanimously approved a proposal to change the city charter to allow the Police Department to be dismantled, following mass public criticism of law enforcement" Welcome back to reality, Wispy. This is ALL you get of this whole entire convoluted story - a little piece.

@Flowerwall To rid the police force of corruption they're tearing it down to build a new one with people that aren't racist pigs. Do you mean to tell me you actually think they plan to have a modern city with NO police?
And who wrote those words? They aren't yours, they're from Fox.
You're a moron, welcome back to reality.

@Willow_Wisp Wispy, pay attention! There is more and btw I have not heard the entire story broadcast at all nationally.

Also, city council action was abandoned. So they did NOTHING. Keep up to date.

And those specific words were quoted from MPR, which is traditionally more left leaning.

Side note:Your approach in speaking to others could be vastly improved. Respectul communication involves mutual participation.

@Flowerwall Because it's right wing propaganda silly.

@Willow_Wisp Wispy, look closer.

@Willow_Wisp You can eithet see something is wrong and choose to ignore it, or maybe you just don't see it. But you can see if you look it's not right.


You can read anything. Ballot harvesting. Is that like the hanging chad? Is it the left into this or did it apply in GWB's election so we did not end up with Algore?
Then we have Alex Jones and his talk of child actors to sway things into his view. Actor portrayal is real. TV ads have them all the time.
Switch now to a man on this site angry at me because he posted a real article from a fake site. We must all remember likes, clicks, and views and how someone somewhere is making money out of that even to the point of it becoming crap. Remember the 5G cell towers?
Immigrants are extremely vulnerable in our current times in Trumpworld but I have no info on total Somalian American population in MN or anywhere else here. Many today are going back and forth to get your attention and use non-related things to get your support as they manipulate your anger and pain. In our current world the anger and pain are created so as to use you in support for their power. No one is keeping track enough to see if any of the numbers add up.

I don't know why numbers are different? You are right, I could be misunderstanding numbers. I AM NOT an accountant, but in a separate post I just made that I can link the ppl of state of MN are asking "What is going on in Dept. Of Human Services?" It's an open Q in community. It's not me. Whether I ask Q or not is irrelevant. It will likely be asked until someone answers as it's an open anomaly. Do citizens ask these Qs? Yes.

I do very much believe actor portrayal is the norm. In fact I can see a lot of it going on. But you can often see the entremanure for who that person is. Well hopefully.

Alot of the other stuff, yes, I agree. The immigrants are very much at risk, ppl could exploit this hugely. That's why I want concrete answers from our gov to know what they are doing. I want reassurance all parts of this are being kept within standard. I don't even hear media address it.

@Flowerwall I think the media has joined the shitshow of nonsense that seems about as good as the National Enquirer. Even worse when they treat the current Administration from hell in ways of respect because they believe "you have to respect the person's title" Why? Why would you show respect for those who appear to have none at all and none for you. Sometimes they even refuse to answer questions. Media should dog these people with the right questions until they answer or just give up and walk away. We should not allow them to create more lies and diversions. Any question about right now today needs a direct answer.


James O'Keefe is a scam artist and a shill for the right wing who stages encounters and releases them fraudulently. He's been charged criminally and also has had civil judgements against him. He's a total fucking piece of shit.

Okay. Do you think the numbers add up? [] In this article there is only $11,000. How many more facilities could there possibly be too add up to $100M? Fairly simple to backtrack this type and $ amount of fraud right? You figure out who the state agency is sending checks to.

And the fact that your main focus is the credibilty of Okeefe? Open your mind. Let's say Okeefe IS NOT credible for this discussion. Do any of the other facts raise alarm bells to you? To ME they do. What is going on there? Even the very Senate hearing. Are they really THAT BAD at basic multiplication, math? I mean what is the state of MN total budget for childcare allotment? It's bringing many gov/law enforcement entities under questioning, in my mind, for their competence and compliance with even basic capability. Is the government a COMPLETELY SHAMBOLIC institution at this point? I don't know. I am reading these articles, an observer. Who knows? Possibly I do not understand it correctly.

Or maybe law enforcement feels afraid to do its job because of cases that are at US Supreme Court level like Tanzin v. Tanir. They might get personally sued for upholding US law.

Additionally, was reading a text that breifly discussed the historical political/economic climate in Somalia. I am not very knowledgeable, but given the apparent difficulties, the context these citizens have previously known in their homeland, I would say they are a highly vulnerable community.

@Flowerwall I have no brief for these Somalis. They are carpet baggers, if they can, I'd support freezing those assets, prosecuting, even deporting them. OP mentioned Project Veritas expose, so I chose to voice my opinion of Mr O'Keefe as the topic of my comment. Somalis are a Muslim people and I'm not a fan of religious communities.

@barjoe Carpet baggars or strategically exploited?

@Flowerwall I don't care about Somalis in Minnesota. Not my state not my problem.

@barjoe We should all care. These are our ppl. This is our country. These are our laws.

@Flowerwall The Somalis are our people?

@barjoe I think most are fellow citizens. They are voting. Yes our ppl.

@Flowerwall your people

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