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Kamala Harris's statement about Lincoln was wrong.


Did Kamala Harris lie or didn't she?

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dave1459 8 Oct 9

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The National Review is a right wing publication.
This isn't the question.
The question is whether or not this administration is competent.
Frankly I'd vote for a retarded koala bear before Trump, koalas are one of the dumbest mammals on Earth and yet they're somehow smarter than Trump and all his kiss ass lackeys.
Compared to Trump Biden is super over qualified for office.
But you think you found a flaw and you want to exploit it for your team.
Kamala needs a lot more information on tax laws.
Her inability to respond to the misinformation from Pence on the subject is ample evidence of that.
Yet, she is still worth an army of Pence's when you consider her strengths in justice and law enforcement.
I'm not going to play this game, your poll is invalid.


I think she should just commit to the strategy of packing the court. If McConnell can adjust the number of justices from 9 to 8 until he gets a president from his own party, the democrats ought to be able to change the number from 9 to 11 if it suits their political needs. The number of justices has fluctuated throughout history and there is nothing preventing it from being updated once again.



Why would you focus on this with all the significant lies Pence told?


Because he's a Republican. That's why he sites the National Review for his fact checks.


The National Review is a bullshit magazine. Bullshit news.

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