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A Trumper that I know told me recently on the pandemic that "they tried to do this same thing to a president in the past and it did not work." He stops his discussion at this point. Let us get to intelligent questions.

  1. Exactly who are "they?"

  2. Which president are you referring to?

  3. By "the same thing" do you mean a worldwide pandemic?

If you try to pursue this line of questioning you end up in much distraction and angry discussions involving people and events that have no bearing at all on the subject matter or the remarks originally made. I told one such person that my belief is that they would argue with a stump. Then yesterday a man told me flatly that the pandemic would end once the elections were over. WTF?

If you believe that it means your mind somehow has put it together that one of the two major political parties in America has created and controls the pandemic on a worldwide scale. Let's flip a coin to see which party that is and also wonder why the entire world is behind such an idiotic idea. What is it that makes all the other countries follow along?

This brings me back to the fact that you just can't fix stupid.

DenoPenno 9 Oct 9

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The night that the UK Brexit result got announced I went out with friends and their friends. One of them asked what I voted and when I said that I voted remain they gave me a massive tirade about how the UK needed to be it’s own Country again, how bad the European Unions Governance was etc etc. I simply explained how they protected workers’ rights, consumer rights and the environment to an extent that I was concerned the UK alone wouldn’t do.
They started again even more passionately/ aggressively making it personal, questioning my intelligence etc. After this tirade I reminded him that it was over and he’d won the vote so he could stop now 😂

You were right. It reminds me of all our angry people in America who defend Trump with a barrage of nothing more than distraction. They act as though this is their own "separate facts." If you go round and round with them on this you end up on a different subject entirely.


Republicans have made mountains out of mole hills (if not just straight up lies and conspiracy theories) my entire life.
Like Trump ranting loudly about "THE GREATEST POLITICAL CRIME IN HISTORY!" but absolutely no one knows what the hell he's going on about.
They can't bring themselves to understand the "Isis" of the United States is white supremacist, which is American fascism.
Instead they're trying to figure out how to make being anti-fascist a terrorist group.


So if the president was Nixon? That worked. If the president was Clinton, that worked too. JFK? That worked. Lincoln? He's probably thinking Lincoln. That didn't end well. Trump is more like Jefferson Davis.

I know nothing of Jefferson Davis but he had to be smarter than Donald Trump. DJT is a nightmare waiting to happen. The problem is that he just keeps on happening. I'm waiting for the day that I don't hear his name or anything about him at all. Only then can I be happy.

@DenoPenno I believe history was too good to them. Lincoln should have tried Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis for treason and they shouldn't been put to death. To the victors go the spoils. Rebels would have gotten over it by now. For fucks sake southerners still are fighting this. Lincoln might not have been assassinated either.

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