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Why is Dem controlled Congress abusing the poor at this point? No 2nd stimulus check when ppl desperately need. Ppl are NOT pawns. And then focusing on this 25th Amendment at THIS time? It very poor leadership. This is not what ppl, business, local and state gov need. They need solid government response to the economic fall out of covid, not useless game playing tactics. Enough already! An election is to be held in less than ONE month, why does she focus on this NOW? Maybe Pelosi needs to have some medical intervention herself!

Flowerwall 7 Oct 10

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You’re an ass, and I suspect a Russian troll.
If not a Russian troll then a damned low information citizen and I’m being generous.
Congress has a detailed second stimulus, the Senate is being the cock blockers.
Google is your friend, look it up while the adults converse.


That’s a poorly worded Republican pitch if I’ve ever heard one.. The US House of Representatives has had a second aid plan ready for months! ..or did you mean the US Senate - run by your favorite obstructionist, mitch mcconnell?

Moscow mitch and his majority of republican cronies have refused to consider additional aid to US Citizens. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the House are the only ones in ‘Congress’ doing anything ..beyond attempting to ram a radical republican supreme court nominee through before they’re voted out..

Varn Level 8 Oct 10, 2020

Why are you not looking at this behavior and realizing that the Dems are no more concerned about the peasants than the Repubs? They both serve the 1% rather than the masses, that is why the Dems are currently more interested in getting more power than saving the the poor.

Well I hope somebody figures out that mess in MN. To be having funds stolen that long and NOONE has put a stop to it? It's unacceptable.


"Dem controlled Congress"? You are seriously confused!

Yes. I do often use the term incorrectly. House. I think of the House when I say Congress, but they are indeed controlling the situation in Congress with initiating it, aren't they?

@Flowerwall explain how it helps us if the House passes something & the Senate shoots it down? (Becuz that Never happens, right?)


The bs is deep this morning!

No, it was yesterday that she came out with it.

@Flowerwall Not her, you!

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