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2 truths and a lie 😁
1: I’ve never had a single cavity, 2: I don’t like metal/rock music, 3: I was actually going to vote for Donny Dumb Dumb at one point

VeronicaAnn 7 Oct 11

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Perfect order


I need closure!!! What is the answer.πŸ˜‚

2,3 truth
1 is the lie ☺

  1. I have eaten God.
  2. I have a Ph.D. and D.S. in Mathematics and Physics.
  3. Was studying to be a Medical Doctor at one point.
  4. Was a Priest util I was excommunicated for No. 1.

I will go with number 1 as the lie.


I feel it is number 3 because I read your posts about having doubts on who you should vote for a couple of weeks ago.It looked like you weren't sure about the rumours surrounding Joe Biden being grabby.People told you there was no basis to these rumours and that Trump had over 25 women accusing him of sexual misconducts and/or rapes.
I did not have a cavity till I was 35,so rock on.


One is the lie... ☺😜


I think 1 is the lie πŸ™‚

My Turn!
1- I've eaten dog.
2- I've been shark hunting.
3- I've never been to a wedding


@actofdog Sorry, try again.

@ZantiMisfit It seemed crazy enough to be true.🀣


Sorry if I offend anyone here but.....''metal/rock'' and ''music'' are not words which belong together.


I think it's 2. IDK...metal isn't for everyone.


I vote for 3! With modern fluoride treatments and regular care cavities are not as common as when I was a kid. And not liking meta/rock music just shows good taste 😁 (I’m sure to get hate mail on that!🀣) So it has to be 3.


Everyone has cavities unless you have one of the mutations that would be favorable in homo superior.


I'm guessing you don't like metal rock #2. #1 one would be nice. If it's #3, I'm glad you came to your senses.

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