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Is lesbianism a 'thing,' or a passing fad?

Storm1752 8 Oct 12

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If it's a "passing fad", it's been passing for all of recorded history. I wouldn't expect it to go out of style any time soon.


How can you be so ignorant of history & culture?


I'm curious why you ask. If a woman is using it as a non confrontational way to decline a date with you, well, then it might be a tad bit of a fad.

Aside from that, it's a biologically natural expression that exists in many species, and I've never known a Lesbian that reverts to heterosexuality, so I'm inclined to think that, yeah, it's a real thing.


Are men a 'thing,' or a passing fad?

Considering the advances in reproductive medicine, I suspect that within a millenia we will have been a passing fad πŸ˜„


The first usage of the word "lesbians" was for those who did not believe in traditional marriage. That was a union where women essentially had the same rights as children, none, could not own property, did not have rights over her own body, could not go anywhere or do anything without permission of her husband, and could be legally beaten. I hope everyone here is that lesbian.


Lesbianism, as you put it, is a subset of homosexuality, which is not a fad. It exists in nature. Of course we are part of nature but the point is that other animals have this too.


Demonstrably, you are not much into research.


I didn’t even know you’d had a sex change, congrats and let us know if you change your mind about lesbianism. Lesbos might be a good place for a holiday too by the way, don’t forget to check out their history.


As long as women exist, there will always be someone who loves, appreciates, empowers, and wants to have sex with them. Women born with these compassionate traits toward women is normal.

And a trait that I can deeply appreciate πŸ˜„


Hmmmmm.. I wonder how long heterosexuality will last...


Posted 3x and I answered one.


I think you may have invited some serious comments here.

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