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Expanding the Supreme Court does not make a lot of sense to me. If Barrett is confirmed we will have six right wingers and three lefties on the court. Even if she's not confirmed and the next president gets to appoint someone on the left the court will still be five to four in favor of the right wingers. If the court is expanded to 11 and Biden has appointed RGBs replacement it will be 5 to 6 with the lefties in control. If Barret is confirmed we would have to go to 13 member Court to gain control of the Supreme Court for the progressives and that would be ridiculous. In other words if you live in a state with a Republican senator you need to work extra hard to make sure they vote against confirmation and that's just not going to happen.

Lorajay 9 Oct 12

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Packing the court is dependent on what happens, we can't let the minority of lunkheads assume control of the court. If Biden packs the court it'll be against his wishes, but it may be the only way to balance the court after the lying manipulation performed by these low life bastards.
We will use Senator Lindsey Graham's words against him.
We will root out and remove all these fascist from office.

How about looking at mandatory retirement age of 70 that would mean Alito,Breyer, and Thomas would go giving Biden 3 appointments. That would give us a six to three advantage.


Your whole system for appointing the supreme court Justice is totally screwed up.
In the UK Justices who serve on the supreme court of either the UK or Scotland are appointed on merit and reputation by a panel of none partisan legal experts who make a recommendation to the Queen who symbolically makes the appointment.
Applicants must have been a qualified legal professional for 15 years, a high court judge for at least 2 years (in effect meaning they must be over forty five) with an unblemished reputation. They must have no upheld complaints against them or have had no judgment overturned as biased or unjust.
They have a mandatory retirement age of 70 (in effect meaning no one Justice can serve for more than 25 years), but can be fired or asked to step down for malpractice, mental incompetence, ill health or negligence. They can also resign if they wish.


I’m looking forward to ACB being confirmed. I like it better that Biden won’t give a solid answer on packing the courts because that gives more support for Trump. It’s beautiful.


Expand the hell out of it!


Don’t despair too quickly. I’ve been following SCOTUS for decades. While Barrett may sound like a cuckoo conservative Catholic right now, newly confirmed members do sometimes flip.

Alito and Thomas may slways be regressive twins, but there are two more, either of whom may flip the way Sandra Day O”Connot did soon after Reagan appointed her. Kennedy, conservative while one of four, became a fifth, flipped on gay issues. Roberts, while he was a fourth was expected to oppose Obamacare. When he became a fifth, he flipped and saved it from defeat.

Again and again, a judge who had reliably been one of four conservatives, when he became a fifth, flipped and as if trying to save rhe Court’s reputation, saved important liberal cases.

Rather than despair, click on the "My Ancestors Did Not Use Guillotines and I’m Pissed" Group

I sincerely hope if Democrats get to appoint a Supreme Court Justice soon or ever again that they will appoint someone who is young and healthy. Republicans hardly ever appoint someone who is not in their forties while we go for fifties and sixties.

This is true. Most suggestions I've heard say 13 - as many as a regular court plus one.

The important thing is GOQ party doesn't have a Senate majority for a long, long time - we add Washington DC and Puerto Rico and suddenly things look better.


We missed our opportunity when we didn’t take the Senate in 2018 when we flipped the House. Democrats have to learn that interim elections are every bit as important as the four year presidential elections.

You’re right, @Barnie2years


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