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10/12/2020 Trump's lies and empty promises spiral upwards. Biden's a tool, but c'mon, Trump's schtick is ridiculous now. ANOTHER MESSAGE FOR TRUMP SUPPORTERS? []

Druvius 8 Oct 12

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A loud obnoxious conservative minority trusted this guy Trump and Trump showed us how good their judgment actually is. As soon as they decide to rejoin humanity we'll forgive but we'll never forget. Their misguided sense of amorality is handed to them by their leaders because they're not competent to see the obvious for themselves. This will take patience on all our parts.


I love Joe Biden. I hate Donald Trump. This is easy for me.


Trump has kept more of his promises than any other president. He’s got my vote.

you are kidding right ?

@Leetx Sadly probably not, but like G.W. Bush in a couple of years I doubt he'll admit he ever supported this administration. People that wanted to fight me over G.W. Bush now pretend he was just part of some kind of pretend Clinton cabal. It's just how these things work.

@Leetx absolutely not.

then I pity you.... @CourtJester

@Leetx And I you


I don't give a shit if its Ronald McDonald at this point.


All politicians are “tools,” it’s their job. But, are they tools of Industry, Religion, Big Pharma, Resource Extraction, the Military Industrial Complex … or The People. Yes, Joe Biden’s a tool - a tool of the people who send him to the White House ~

Varn Level 8 Oct 13, 2020
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