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Silly game. Based on the profile pic of the person who commented last, what were they like on high school? The more outlandish, the better!

Alimacbean 7 Apr 10

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Free spirited didn’t follow the crowd did her own thing. Yet had many friends. A little rebellious but not a bad kid.


@Idlopalev always hung out with tthe artsy crowd during her high school years, she was described as the shy, sensitive type with absolutely no chance of surviving to graduation.
Surprising all by doing so, she was the validictorian and graduated sumasuma come loudly.
Upon enter her freshman year at RISD..she blossomed into the angry, unstable young woman she had always desired to be..she shaved her head in defiance of the social norms in a school who's student body was known as a leader in rejecting social norm, whereupon she was instantly elected Student Body President, this Totes shattered her self image as a Revolutionary social Anarchist..though her Macramae professor thought it brought a certain "Je nei sa qua" to her weaving...She eventually dropped out muttering "Assholes,Assssholes" rather loudly to herself.
Her solitary secret was finally revealed to the world,she is Xena, Warrior Princess!!!!

@idlopalev thanks! Sooo should I knee before you?


@Lauxa School marm with an iron ruler.

godef Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

@evestrat Oh, the class clown and prankster. Forever getting me in trouble. At graduation he rigged to pa system to play totally rude and lewd things anytime anyone used the mike. Hilarious! He was a total genius of course.


@evestrat -- a jock, probably on the volleyball team. Hung out with team mates but never quite fit in. Favorite subject was history.

Lauxa Level 5 Apr 10, 2018

Built experimental hand gliders, Was a rodeo clown for extra money, held pajama parties in the basement of the friends that were on vaccination, Carried an Indiana Jones Whip to control the crowd, patented a new-fangled gadget that had absolutely no use, kept an elephant in the garage kept painting it pink.


@nickbeee Played competitive jousting chess, was captain of the debate while swimming team, & played triangle in a metal band. Made the meanest macaroni pizza on the block too!

LMFAO !!!! funny as fuck


@Josh was raised by Beavers in a dark part of the forest.. When at 17 he finally emerged around humans he was not at first accepted due to carrying stick in his mouth. however after years of CBT and conditioning he has managed to become a human and leave his beaver famiy for a more typical human existence.. His book "My Life and Beaver" will be available on Inerntational Ungeographic for $34.

Dam, that was funny.

@Donotbelieve 😛 hehe

Luckily my years amongst the beavers has prepared me for a life of success...Many question my methods but experts say that my dam building, while unorthodox is quite ingenious. Simple, rustic yet practical.

Sadly it's often lost on me why people are so curious about my opinion on "eating beaver"

@josh23452 Hahaha!! Tasty !!!

@josh23452 "many question my methods" lolol .. I'm in bits

@Nickbeee hey man if you ever need a dam built trust the one source you know will provide you with quality and hard work..

Because we here at Beaver Bros. Can stop you up just right.

@josh23452 "Stop me up" you are like the Don Beaver dude. I dread to think how many bodies are in those dams lol ! 😛

I'll bear it in mind though. Not much call for dams living in a block of flats to be honest 😉

Beaver Bros lol .. you realise we sent this thread fully tangental


@Donotbelieve was obviously the secret trouble maker..Looking innocent has it's perks..Somehow no one ever connected her to the pulled fire alarms..Lockers filled with sand and cherry bombs flushed down the toilet
..Once someone suspected..But only once.

Eerily close to the facts...

Who have you been speaking with?

@Donotbelieve what can I say I have a good eye for faces.

@josh23452 Watch your back, friend.

Watch your back.

@Donotbelieve bring it pretty lady


Can't Make Their Mind Up Whether Too Date You,Or Boot Your Balls.

Coldo Level 8 Apr 10, 2018



@Spinliesel-cheerleader for the debate team secretly crushing on the biology teacher


@stinkeye-a Leader of a folk dancing troupe, then lead the student revolt against cafeteria food.


@stinkeye_a Hangs out in the art room. Purple laces in your doc martins. Never eats in the cafeteria. Reads in the shade instead.

That's pretty close!


@stinkeye_a World's best hide and seek champion.


@Rudy1962: a hockey-playing bro who reads Jules Verne and secretly loves Tori Amos



@Rudy1962 went to a Catholic high school. He wore waders to school every day to get through all the bullshit. Oh, and he hit on the nuns. 😛

Wow. That's actually pretty close


A role model student during the week and a cagefighter on weekends


I'm 1st - somebody go -I'll come back. lol

A practical jokester - Rudy up above.

The way you hold your head. Are you fucking looking at me. who knows what you were like in high school.

Thanks how am I holding my head?

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