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Scary Resemblance of Evil

sassygirl3869 9 Apr 10

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Hey, Sassygirl! I just bought Madeleine Albright's new (audio)book, Fascism: A Warning, and just listened to the first 3 chapters. She is soooo knowledgeable about this subject, given her life experience. And Oh my Godlessness! Trump isn't a Hitler protege. He is a Mussolini wannabe! His political tactics so far are spot-on reproductions of how Il Duce blustered his way to power. Very scary.


Well he is a first gen American from a Nazi follower.


Please let the more liberal republicans control this monster.


Very scary


He is said to have read Mein Kampf. Hitler was his role model.


The Trump apologists will claim these pictures are meaningless gestures seized on by radical liberals intent on smearing Trump. I only WISH they were mere gestures. The fascist parallels are unfortunately glaring and deeply troubling.
--Trump hates the Free Press and is waging a concerted campaign to erode and degrade it. He attacks the judiciary, not respecting the co-equal, governing role of an independent court.
--He broadcasts his expectation for public officials to pledge loyalty, NOT to the duties of their office, but to him, personally, like some would-be dictator.
--speaking of which, he lauds actual dictators and attacks our allies.
--He appeals to the worst, the crudest populist racist appeals to inflate the egos of his base supporters by scape-goating marginalized groups and thereby distract his supporters from actual issues that effect their well-being.
--He war-mongers.
--And of course, he lies. Oh! How he lies. Every politician spins and selectively omits and occasionally employs wishful-thinking in place of facts, but Trump is on record vomiting an avalanche of falsehoods like no other president before him. Anyone still insisting that he is no less honest than any other politician has either drunk too much Faux News Kool-aid or is smoking crack.

@MikeinBatonRouge you are so right on.



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