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I'm seriously thinking about going on the DASH diet . Anybody have any advice ? Anybody have any experience with it?

Kojaksmom 8 Apr 10

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It is a healthy choice, especially for the cardiovascular system. If you enjoy the delicious taste of red meat you are screwed.
Variety without excess of any one group of food is the best avenue. Quantity consumed overall is the other concern. Take no more calories in than you burn of in activity. Diets only get complicated when trying to excel to the extreme in achieving a particular activity. Weight lifting for example, you would have to increase intake of food high in protein and such to build muscle mass.


I am guessing this means running to the kitchen to snack during commercials? lol


That's funny....i don't have a clue what a dash diet even is. Your comment would be my best guess


Dash by the fridge?

Coldo Level 8 Apr 10, 2018

There's nowhere near enough fat in that for me to feel healthy and vital. I don't do well on low-fat diets.


I looked it up. It's not that much different than what's normally recommend to maintain good health.


Are you hoping to control hypertension? I know diets aren’t always about looking better. They are also about feeling better.

Yes my blood pressure is way up


I don't have any specific advice, however, my cardiologist tells me I need to lose 20 lb and I don't know what to do. If the dash helps let me know.

I have about 10 to 15 to lose ,I'll let you know how I do. I'll let you know if it works and if it's worth it


Dash diet? is that like running around the block. No advice here.


I think you look great as you are!



The key to lowering blood pressure naturally is eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, daily physical activity/cardio, reducing processed and fried foods, and not adding salt to foods that already have a lot of sodium. Making a few lifestyle changes like these can help keep your bp at a healthy level.

Good luck!

Thank you

@Kojaksmom I don’t know about you but that sounds like torturous self discipline to me. What we need is a fairy godmother with a magic wand.

@Tony80223 IF ONLY!!!!! I'm motivated because my Dr. Said I have one month to get my shit together. If my weight and b/p don't go down, it's medication Time!

@Kojaksmom oh I’m sorry, I have all that same shit going on. Maybe it’s time for a new Dr that is supporting and nurturing.

@Tony80223 give me about a week and that Fairy Godmother with the magic wand is going to start looking pretty damn good!!!

@Kojaksmom maybe CBD oil. It’s curing everything from leprosy to ring around the collar. It just so happens that it’s for sale all over Denver, and since I do live in Denver, you’re welcome to come and stay as long as you’d like.?


What is it?


I've been exlporing the basics of it and have already greatly reduced salt and sugar. I was surprised that after a week not adding salt to my eggs I adpated just fine. I use organic coconut palm sugar in moderation instead of white. It's more pricey so I don't use a lot! The DASH diet has been popular, sensible, and effective for many people for years now. But like any change in diet it takes time and effort to have it work long term. I'm a decent cook and already avoid processed and canned foods whenever possible anyway. The prepared condiments are killers, so I cut back on those too.
Advice? Do your best! Reducing portion size has always been my challenge, so I just use a smaller plate and have adapted just fine. I do not forbid myself a treat sometimes, and I do not have a lot of wieght to lose anyway. I'm not fully on it, but I know I will benefit even from minor changes. Do it at your own pace.


I tried it when I was first diagnosed with high blood pressure. It was very effective, it controlled my BP and I lost weight. Honestly I wish I'd stayed on it but unfortunately I went back to previous eating habits and now have been paying the price. I would recommend it.


No, but for the most part, fad diets aren't normally too good nor effective long term
My dietitian says portions variety, fruits and veggies and exercise.
But , your pix make you look fit anf healthy just the way you are.

I have put on some winter weight and my blood pressure is very high

@Kojaksmom I exercise almost every day, and I still have to take some blood pressure pills.
That's really frustrating to me. .. 😟
Good luck on your diet..
Springtime really helps by getting outdoors more often.. at least I hope so ! 😉

@Buddha I think so I always gain weight during the winter months

@Kojaksmom me too!


I cut everything in half, no snack or eating out. Fresh legumes which I mash up after boiling and add lots of onions, celery, sweet potato, and NO SALT but lots of Mediterranean spices. You can get no salt spices at Aldi, or the Dollar Store. I started making Oatmeal Pancakes with corn meal flour, cinnimon and two eggs. slices of bananas and apple layered between two pancakes with Apple butter or no sugar added jam or preserve. That will load your morning out and a nice brisk walk of about 4 miles or more and some nice soup when you get home. Once you mash the legumes you can add whatever vegestables or a little meat or fish. Look out for high frutose corn syrup or high doses of salts in anything you buy. No Potato Chips or cookies and you should see a good start without having to weigh or measure or read. See what you like and fit it in.


DASH has way too many carb and dairy allowences for my may work for you.

who can eat all that food anyway,? 6-8 servings of this, 6 servings of that, 4-5 servings of the many meals do people eat anyway...geeezzzz...hahaha...

@Agr8m8 It's not that difficult if you're familiar with what equals a serving size for each food group and trying to incorporate them into daily snacks along with meals.

@joeymf86 As a chef I am familiar with portions, I just don't eat much I guess.


Have you discussed this with Kojak? Can't speak for him,but I bet he finds you just as attractive as I do! 🙂

Well thank you,


You can dash diet. I'll go wash up.


why do you want to go on that plan?


I cut the sugar ,carbs and practiced portion control and lost 117 lbs. But ended up in the hospital because of low sodium. Had to add salt to everything. this made my BP go up. So now I have to take lisinopril.


I looked at your profile pictures, and you seem healthy and attractive to me. But if you feel better about losing weight, the only thing I can say is the DASH diet appears to be healthy advice. However, diets suck! The only thing that works is deciding to live with your diet for the rest of your life otherwise you're wasting money, time and energy because it's going right back on the minute you stop and revert back to your happy food. I'm a little (being kind to myself) overweight but not so much that I'm unhealthy. I am the size that I am, and I'm happy with myself. It's not a quitter attitude that I have; I eat healthily, I exercise but, I'm not 25 years old anymore either, and unless I live to exercise and eat only cardboard for every meal, I'm going to look like a 50-year-old with a bit of a pooch.

@sarahjustme I hope it didn't sound like I was suggesting that it wasn't a good diet. All I was saying is pick a diet that you can make work for the rest of your life, otherwise, it's worthless in the end.

That's pretty much me too. I have gained about 10 pounds over the winter but I'm only about 15 pounds overweight. My blood pressure is so high that I won't be able to avoid having to be on meds ,but I was hoping the diet might help.

@Kojaksmom That diet absolutely should help your blood pressure if you combine it with a little cardo. Take your meds. I hate pills, no I despise, well there is no word strong enough to describe how much I dislike taking pills. BUT don't screw around with high blood pressure, it's so vicious and sneaky because you feel fine until you stroke out. Get on those pills then work on getting off of them with diet and exercise.


Never heard of it.


I have considered it, but haven't done it yet. I have so many chronic diseases that it would benefit me if I did.


I have a friend that is using it to help lower his blood pressure, he said it is fine, but he was surprised by the strength of the herbs in dash, so use it sparingly. You can always add more.

cava Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

Sorry... not me.

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