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Just thinking. I was washing my hands in a public rest room. I had been traveling in Washington State. A person working in the food service came out of the privite stall, and left W/O washing his hands. I thought maybe I won't eat here.

I travel a little bit, and I have seen many not wash after doing their business, but this was the first I have seen a person not wash with a food service uniform.

I hope this is not typical.

Leutrelle 7 Apr 10

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Whats more disgusting/disturbing is that when you handle the gasoline dispenser and jump back into your car without using a wet wipe/disinfectant of some sort and carry on your day, just think about that... Also, touching that door/door handle on the way out has just reintroduced the little nasties back onto your hands, elbow etc.

I encourage my patients to bring along with them in their vehicles a disinfectant of some sort. Just for any occasion.

I always thought the fumes from the gasoline killed bacteriaπŸ™‚

@Leutrelle No the fumes do not kill bacteria. Just for giggles look up some of the studies done on subject. YUCK!!

I've got a touch 'o microphobia & bring a little bottle of 90% isoprophyl with me wherever I go. When I gas up the handle & button are thoroughly sprayed-let it settle while I go in & pay, as are shopping cars & buttons on the self check outs. I don't care how crazy I look doing this I've not had a cold in more than 2 years...coincidence, maybe, maybe not

@Qualia Yes and yes!!

@Qualia i used to do that....but now i got a new ride and the alcohol stains the plastic..

i ALWAYS use something to open the door - napkin or something. but i also thought the gas would cut down on the germs but i guess not. sometimes use a glove to pump gas. when i'm in a restaurant i always go wash my hands after ordering (handling menu). my worry is that i'll get sick - i've gone over 6 years without getting sick before.... and people wonder why they get sick 2 or 3 times a year. it's not the weather change or allergies, usually... it's from hand to eye/nose/mouth contact....usually. i really can't remember when i've been really ill, like the flu.


Unfortunately it can be. I make my people wash both in the restroom and when they get back to the kitchen or serving area. If they don't they get written up. 3rd time and they're done. Companies can have pretty strict handwashing guidlines in place, but it's really up to local managment to enforce it. That being said, if you can identify the manager, and they are working along side and interacting with their crew in a professional manner, it's probably pretty safe. Another good indicator is the condition of the dining area. Unless it is in the middle of a rush or they are clearly understaffed (and workers aren't just standing around), a messy lobby is a red flag.



Even if they are washing their hands in the back they should put on a show in the restroom too. Double washing wouldn't hurt anyway.

i would get freaked out just by the ring


The hand dryers that are in most public restrooms, just blow bacteria out, it's disgusting.

I have always found the hand driers to be disgusting.


No worries they got sinks in the kitchen hopefully hand sanitizer. Who am I kidding it's a total crap shoot. Trust in your autoimmune system and try not to think about it.


I'm sorry but I think I would have sought out the manager.

Maybe I would not have singled them out.

But that is disgusting and can make someone really sick.


Where you in a restaurant?..if not.then whats your point?

I was purchasing fuel. I will let you ponder the point.

@Leutrelle he may Not have been working..


Did you eat at the food service after your bathroom experience?


Smart move @Leutrelle


Unbelievable. I'm amazed at how many times I see this where I work. Amazed and disgusted. Pot luck? I think not. LOL!


OMG! you should have mentioned that to the manager. I worked in the billing office of one of our hospitals. The onboarding training included a video on proper hand hygiene and I was told it is annual training. So one day I noticed a coworker come out of the stall and leave without washing her hands. I avoided taking papers from her after that. Ewwww.

I should of😟 I was traveling and trying to make time;( Should have reported it😟


It’s worse than that.


One could only hope that.


That needs to be reported to the employer.


It was probably just a dirty disgusting liberal!


As soon as you use the handle or push the door you're getting the germs back.


I hope you reported him.


I just wonder when the Americans stoped basic hygene?


Shouldn't be typical - food code violation at minimum. But can't help but suspect he wasn't doing his business, but perhaps on a smoke or other substance break? So didn't think he needed to wash his hands? Pure speculation.

Most food industry folks seem to have raw hands from washing them so often....even if they wear gloves.

I saw what I saw! The dude grunted and awed, and flushed the toilet and did not wash his hands. The man wore a franchise
uniform! Besides if I walk into a bathroom I wash my hands.

@Leutrelle OK, OK, he's a filthy....something. (Was going to say pig, but that's unfair to the pig)


I know what you mean. I've seen people walk out after doing an No. 2 and not wash hands. It's disgusting.

I'm not a clean freak, I've gone camping for 10 days and not had a shower, using a hole as a toilet, etc. But if I have the chance to wash my hands I do it, especially before food prep.

You and me would have been great friends. I backed packed more than ways for 13 days on more many occasions. We were in a water rich area, and I washed my hands and some other parts often.

Sounds like we would've been great travel buddies.


More typical than you want to think.
I actively try to not touch anything in public.
Buffets ? No. Way.


Of you think that's bad don't send food back to the cook.


What you really need to worry about. []



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