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As dog is my witness just can't make this sh!t up ?

FrostyJim 7 Nov 6

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Maybe she can use the lord's sword to get a shoulder and hip replacement.


It is hard too take seriously at best!!!

Just remember almost half of those who voted are on some strange level admiring this wicked Christian Bitch dog in heat!!!

This country has become overtly delusional so demented with hostility towards those who mean them no harm!!!

They live in a fantasy world of dysfunctional moronic idiots who want to play army and feel they are about the law as patriots living by the constitution and the Under the Bible!!!


Well, given tRump is on his way out, it looks like she said (in tongues) hucka pucka lolly golly poo, instead of hucka pucka lolly golly doo.


Time to get out the nets & tranquilizer darts!


The 'Bat Shit Crazy' is strong with this one!

BDair Level 7 Nov 6, 2020

Not exactly. She is an attractive women, when she's not 'speaking in tongues', but she is crazier than she is hot.


It is sad when the insane shit themselves for all the world to see.

And, it is more sad that so many do not see this for what it is: Bat 💩 crazy!


Ahhh, but isn't she direct proof to the contrary. You say, "You can't make this sh!t up", and yet she does.
Well, I see her repetitions and raise her, "The bed is on the floor."


What an idiotic, moronic, nutty ignoramus! 🙄


Well that explains a lot. Really a lot...oh boy!


The blond Trump Witch can't say enough magical enchantments to preserve the Beast.
But it is entertaining to watch her perform her primitive ritual.
The pool boy walking back and forth behind her kills me, like "Don't mind me I'm going to the shower"
"Take the sword of the lord", sounds like something Trump might say in the bedroom to the bemusement of whoever is unfortunate enough to be in there with him.


I was beginning to feel nauseous so I had to stop watching. She needs an intervention or locked in a padded cell.


That gave me a headache.


How will we ever evolve if idiots like this still have so many followers....😞
Talk about inciting violence....

...and she has an office in Trump's Whitehorse?

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