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Businsess Insider has called the election. Game over.


UrsiMajor 8 Nov 6

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Still waiting for the AP to call it.

They have to worry about security and pollsters, Biden staff that fear for their lives. there's also the frivolous lawsuits from our whiner-in-chief.


This right here....

While a candidate has the legal right to request a recount, Trump does not have the authority to unilaterally demand that legally cast ballots be discounted.

I wanted to see Republicans outraged that a sitting president is trying to disenfranchise hundreds of millions of American voters. Instead, there was a deafening silence, with the honorable exception of Mitt Romney, and even worse, Graham and Cruz supported his attempt to take his ball and go home... because they want his fans' backing for their runs in 2024.

What utter fucking cowards. Cowards and traitors.


We'll see what the courts say.

I find it hard to believe that a man that could not get more than 12 people to show up with a Bon Jovi concert at his rally was able to get more votes than any other president in History.

China and Russia must be tickled to death right now.

Would you believe that a man that didn't allow more than 12 people to show up at a rally that doesn't count towards the election and rather insisted they vote and vote early was able to get so many votes?

Wasn't that a virtual concert with mandated social distancing, limited capacity, and adult-like restrictions?

@UrsiMajor That was the best he could get.

At the end of the day; I have a PhD and a career that will do well through economic rough patches. I can weather the bumps.

I wish the others all the luck in the world as we see the results of just the announcement this morning. Be sure to check the fuel prices this time next year too.

@CourtJester Although I only have a master's, I'll probably be ok. Because of the incompetent handling of COVID by the Trump administration, I self-isolate at home. Fuel is not really a concern. Expect a shift from fossil fuels to electric, wind, and solar. Fossil fuels are on the way out.

@UrsiMajor I take it you live in a city. Not everyone does. You should do some googling to see what electric and solar does to the environment where they get the materials for it.

Don’t you have a ave somewhere to crawl back into?

@CourtJester Out of date. The Nasdaq is now UP. Sorry about your "qualification" in predicting the future.

@CourtJester PhD in what discipline? Astrology??


I'll wait for the AP but I think I will sleep well tonight, finally!!


There's something I've been dying to tell Trump since his unwatchable TV show was on!
Him protesting will be televised and it will be ugly, bring popcorn.

... popcorn, and chocolate, and ice-cream, and ....


Are they "fake"? Hahahahahahahahaha

No. They lean conservative and are a serious, reputable source.

@UrsiMajor The"Hahaha" means I was joking.

I should have checked your profile to see where you're coming from, in a frenzy right now.. Oh yeah, Vox has called it too.

@UrsiMajor No fly zone installed over Biden's residence.

@Mooolah That should have been implemented once he got the nomination, the SS protections will transition to full blown within the next couple of days.

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