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I just want to point out the hypocrisy of the people on these boards (you know who you are).

No one making a peep about large crowds, covid, happy that people will die, hoping people will die and calling for natural selection to take its course.

Of course some of us call out this morally bankrupt behavior, just as i am now calling out your hypocrisy.

As you were.

SCal 7 Nov 8

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As compared to what?
A Trump rally?
Remember Trump made himself a bigger problem then the one that killed a quarter of the people on the planet that died with Covid-19.
Naturally people will celebrate.
I almost hugged a stranger myself, we both stopped then bumped elbows.
We already had mask on.

I made no comparison, but it does not matter what it is compared to.

Imagine being so myopic in mindset that you see all discussion, political or not, through the prism of the US two party candidate system.

Welcome to hypocriteville if you complained at any point about any group, but did not complain about these groupings.

@SCal I'm not following your point, so I'm not concerned. I really don't condemn people unless what they're saying is irrational. You've only made it to irrelevant.


Well, we can speak our mind. Right? I'm not sure who you are referring to but, if people are not wearing masks, then they deserve what they get. I'm sure people are being realistic. At least, we are not a cult worshiping an orange, White Supremacist terrorist. These, domestic terrorists are out looking to harm people...I feel no pity...

I don't believe I mentioned politics at all.

@SCal But, I went have to include it, don't we?


I agree with you. I don't believe Joe Biden asked these people to do this. There is such a thing as differences in detail. I do think he should have anticipated this occurring and discouraged it. I'm still not convinced that trump is fit to be president.


This did my head in

@Admin , posted this link before, seems to have been taken down??????? Censorship?


They should be conducting their celebrations via zoom.


Are you feeling a little butt hurt this week?

Not even a little bit.

I do not subscribe.


. . . a fair point.

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