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Which foreign power poses the greatest threat the US of A?
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powder 8 Nov 8

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The Aryan Brotherhood; the KKK and all the other domestic idiot groups.


You left out one! The Grand Duchy of Trump!


The USA is its own worst enemy.


PDRK is not on there. North Korea is biggest threat. Unstable Nuclear Power.


I'll let you know after Biden takes over he's no pushover and knows his foreign policy

You mean foreign policy like the idiotic Iran deal. How about backing George W Bush on the Iraq war. Or apposing the raid that killed Ben Laden.

Or for that matter taking bribes for influence from foreign governments.

@Trajan61 Don't know where you get your info but the uninformed right ranks up with them

@Trajan61 Or perhaps misinformed

Blocked him a long time ago. Can't be bothered with his nonsense.

@powder He was linking Trump to Putin. There is that link. I don't think there will be a problem with Russia militarily. Look at unstable leaders of counties with nuclear warheads. Kim Jung Un, Erdogan and The Ayatollah if Iran were to get warheads scare me. Putin, Xi even Trump whatever you think of them aren't going to blow up the planet.

@powder Pakistan's president Alvi is a fairly stable leader but they are a nuclear power and scary. Modi of India scares me a little. If a future leader of Pakistan threw out harmful rhetoric something bad could happen with two nuclear powers than don't like each other.


China. Iran is also very dangerous but the crazy democrats want to do the Iran deal again which is idiotic!

Iran is also very democrats?

What does that mean?

@RoboGraham Dangerous


So democrats is a synonym for dangerous. That's a good one.

@RoboGraham The democrat party is definitely the most dangerous threat to America because of their radical socialist policies.

Their policies are not socialist. They are social democracy policies, like in Scandinavian countries. I could generalize like you did and say that capitalism is fascist in its worship of corporations ( Citizens United got their way through SCOTUS ). They steal resources poison anyone they want to disrespect, because: 'corporations are people' now. That means corporations can make everything good in life un available -- like education, healthcare, and a living wage. But then, you probably don't care that millions of people barely survive in the U.S. and the rest are dying because of corporations have taken away the purity of their air and water. Corporations have the freedom to do to citizens whatever the hell they wish regardless of citizens' rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There are plenty of corporatists in the Republican Party too. Corporatism is fascism when it tries to rule over, propagandize, and deprive people's lives.

@AnonySchmoose Bernie Sanders, AOC along with the rest of the squad along with many others are socialist and are the rising stars in the democrat party. Hell Bernie almost won the democrat nomination.

Bernie Sanders used the word socialist, but the policies he is in favor of are not socialist, but social democracy -- like social security, medicare, police, firemen, unions, etc. and last but not least, universal healthcare. Sanders used the wrong word, because there are so many uneducated people in the U.S. they don't understand that socialism is not necessarily dictatorship or communism, but can be democracy too. Ignorance fuels that misunderstanding. I don't agree with the word Bernie chose to use.


The biggest threat to the U.S. is the U.S.

That's a good point.

You mean the democrat party?


That's certainly part of it.

The two-party PAC-supported campaign system is a danger to democracy. There are bad and good people in both parties. And there are people of both parties in the House and Senate who only care about being paid. They don't care that they perpetuate corruption. To say the threat is one party is a generalization. Say what you will to become powerful -- and I will block you,.

@AnonySchmoose Silicon Valley tech companies in California contribute more money to the democrats than any company contributes to the Republican Party. That’s the reason the democrats almost always have more money than the republicans. And one of the big reasons they are doing that is so they can continue to make and buy cheap products in China and other countries where labor is cheaper. The democrats also favour allowing more illegal immigration and say they are going to stop building the wall and go back to the catch and release policies. Another policy by the corporations backing the democrats to insure that they will have plenty of cheap labor.

@Trajan61 The tech companies need to be regulated. The fact that they export jobs and pay foreign workers less, and are taxed less than they should be, is part of fascist corporatism. Corporations should be regulated, so that they cannot make money off their exported jobs and their imported products without paying commensurate taxes. They are stealing from American workers and from the American economy.

@AnonySchmoose I agree that they need to be regulated but the democrat party will never regulate them as they are the money biggest contributors to the democrat party.

@Trajan61 The two-party political system is upheld by corporatists, because the parties will always fight each other ( which is an intentional distraction ). With a two-party system, there won't be enough political will within either party to accomplish steps like regulation. Corporations wish to control our lives, and they're well on their way to doing that. They study human behavior, and they figure out how to influence what people believe they need, which perpetuates the production of environmentally unsustainable products. We cannot forever make the earth into our dump, or erase nature everywhere without the direst consequences. Humans are part of nature, and without nature ( and climate ) in balance, our species will cause its own extinction. Only a minority of corporations care about sustainability of earth and oceanic ecosystems.

@AnonySchmoose I agree with you that large corporations are a threat to our democracy by trying to influence government policy with their large monetary contributions. Those on the far left of the democrat party like AOC who thinks we need to stop using cows because they cause global warming scare me though.

@Trajan61 The meat industry contributes to global warming but there are many other sources of harm too. All those sources combined need to be innovated to be sustainable rather than going on doing the same old thing which pollutes. The status quo has to change or humans will become extinct. There can still be cows and meat, but not the way that industry has been doing things. Look at Brazil's Bolsonaro and the terrible destruction of the Amazon for the sake of meat, rare wood harvest, cash crops, etc. One of the reasons for the pandemic is that wild animal habitats have been destroyed making illegal trade in wild animals which carry dangerous viruses. This is partly the result of unsustainable corporations destroying vast regions of forests worldwide for financial gain. They're causing mass animal and plant extinctions. The U.S. and other nations should pass carbon fee laws which polluting corporations have to pay based on the tons of carbon pollution caused by their industries. There are seven to eight such bills in the House and Senate currently. There is at least one bill which is for carbon fee and dividend. That bill proposes to make nations which trade with the U.S. pay a fee if their nations haven't made them pay for their pollution already. That way foreign trade would be fair for U.S corporations. The un-taxable dividend would be paid to U.S. citizens on a monthly basis to help them with prices that would be raised by corporations.

@AnonySchmoose If we do away with cows what are we going to do with all this grass on highly erodible ground which is unsuitable for farming?

I'm not for doing away with cows, and there are plenty of more sustainable ways of growing crops to feed them. For one thing, they should not be fed corn, which the huge farms are feeding them. They cannot digest corn well, and when they get sick from that, the industrial farms pump them full of antibiotics, which we then consume when we consume the dairy or the meat from the cows. Antibiotics from eating meat could be detrimental to us. One reason is that they cease to be effective for treating bacterial infections in humans.

@AnonySchmoose If you stop feeding corn there will be a lot less meat as the only thing that would be left is grass fed beef and fish as without corn there would not be pork or chicken either as that’s what they are fed. So there would be a lot less meat and it would likely be very expensive.


I know it's not your question but I think RWNJ domestic terrorism has proven itself to be our biggest threat right now.

  1. China wants to replace the US as the top economy
  2. China wants dominance in South and East Asia. We have allies there
  3. China will enable North Korea to get stronger to keep the US on its feet
  4. China is increasing its military power
  5. China will ally with Russia to dominate US leadership in the world

All these interests cross US interests. Russia just wants to maintain its current dominance.


China will surpass the USA as world hegemon.

Unfortunately China is becoming an oligarchy with income inequality. Many billionaires in China. The shear productivity and infrastructure of China already dwarfs the US. As far as wealth and warheads it isn't even close. In my lifetime the US dollar will remain the default currency for the planet. In your lifetime that may change. It will never be the Yuan tho. € maybe


Joe Biden and each country paying Hunter Biden

You sure put a lot of rational thought into that comment......

@Dhiltong He's allergic

Your one of the few who makes any sense.

@Dhiltong it can not be proven wrong

@CourtJester It can't be proven right.

What closet are you in?

@CourtJester There's no evidence that it is Hunter Biden speaking and no evidence of any impropriety in the discussion.

@LovinLarge if it sounded like don jr, you’d be on it like stink on shit crying like a baby.

Thanks for your input Karen @CourtJester

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