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On dating sites, I often wonder about people's objectives after seeing the kinds of photos some of them put in their profiles.

Pictures with : * sunglasses covering one's eyes , or holdng up dead fish

  • with someone else's arm, or long hair clearly on their shoulder
  • with a wedding ring in plain sight
  • with no shirt, revealing a sizeable belly blocking the waistband
  • with an angry looking scowl
  • photos of a house or vehicles - no people
  • with several people of the same gender - guess which one ? None of these compel me to want to get in touch ! If you're on any dating sites - which kinds of pictures turn you off, or... win you over ?
evergreen 8 Nov 12

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Women Pics: Pictures in bars with lots of food and drink....and then pictures of the beach in some tropical locale.

Well Gurl, I hope you got money, we sure gonna need some. Especially to do BOTH

twill Level 7 Nov 14, 2020

I’m just here for the kittens, and puppies, and jokes and to occasionally overstate my strong opinions freely because I don’t get to spend much time with like minded friends, unless you count the community here.
I’m feeling to old and vulnerable to go protest in the cold unless I lose my job, then protesting will become my job.
I hate it when that happens 😒


I agree positive pics should be put up tasteful ,good present head shot maybe a fe from the past,shows a bit of history of the person,love seeing them with a nice pic of there cat of dog ,that can tell a lot about the person,sitting around relaxing with maybe a glass of there favorite colour of wine ,(Hint guys take notice of the little things they post and remember) pics of themselves doing there hobbies gardening hiking kayaking etc and pics of them in places they have been ,All this whether male or female can give you a very good insight of the person with out words being said,easy to get the soft fuzzys but until one actual chats on the phone or in person reerve your judgement as it may be a whole different person from what you thought the pics displayed


If you look happy in your photos, people will see you as a fun person they would enjoy being around.

Every picture sends a message, whether intended or not.

  1. Backwards baseball caps make a guy look like an immature doofus.

  2. Scowling at the camera says he's an angry person. Stay away.

  3. Every man I met with closed-lip photos had horrid, rotten and/or missing teeth.

  4. Photos taken too far away show he's hiding something like a facial deformity. That's how it turned out.


The pictures that feature several women are a pet peeve for me. Or the ones that feature nature photos instead.


Speak for yourself, I an avid game cook for almost 50 years, a dead fish, or goose, or pheasant, "well, hellooooo!"

of course I'm speaking for myself.


I don't mean to look angry in my pictures. It's not my fault; I don't smile well for the camera.

I've been diagnosed with RSBF (Resting Son of a Bitch Face).


Years ago, I once said no to meeting a guy partly because of a picture in his profile where he's kissing a fish.

There's nothing right about that.

can't blame you !


The problem photos I was seeing on dating sites before I quit them last year were mainly two types. One were all the photos of women with their kids, made me wonder if they were trying to look like mom of the year, even tho the "kids" of women in my age group are all young adults. Second, were women posting photos of them in a group of women, some of whom looked a lot alike, so you wondered which one was the site member. We all hopefully have some friends and it's a good idea to maybe show this in the profile, but equally important is to avoid needlessly confusing your audience in the profile. I mean, hey, this really is sort of an ad campaign, amateur as it may be. This was usually only an issue when the woman's other photos were either outdated or they were covering their eyes or most of their face or hair. If someone's photos suggest they are trying to hide something, which also includes the profiles with all photos being closed mouth and no smiling, then I wonder if they have bad or missing teeth, or, just as bad, that their standard facial expression is "resting bitch face", as my female friends call it. If the photos suggest they're hiding something, I will move on.


On tinder I see a lot of pics without the guy's head at all, which means married cheater. The hats and sunglasses are not winning anyone over. Any pic with a cigarette or cigar or prominently featured beer. I also can't stand the frat boy pose (tongue out, thumb and pinkie splayed).

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